Krallice – Krallice (Profound Lore Records)

A kewl, kinda neato combo here: the combined instrumental talents of Mick Barr (Ocrilm, Orthelem) and Colin Marston (Behold…the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) collide in a primal BM venture that is part homage Read more […]

Neuraxis – The Thin Line Between (Prosthetic Records)

After years of slugging it out in smaller, to mid-sized indie labels, Montreal’s Neuraxis are no doubt going to benefit from the larger exposure a label like Prosthetic can bring. Those in the underground Read more […]

Týr – Land (Napalm Records)

It probably won’t happen this year or next, but when the time comes to ultimately separate the wheat from the chaff for the now very swollen pagan/folk metal scene, one has to think Týr will be one Read more […]

Novembers Doom – The Novella Vosselaar DVD (The End Records)

Now at their arguable peak, Chicago doom merchants Novembers Doom are now getting the live DVD treatment in the form of The Novella Voselaar: Live in Belgium. Professionally shot (but hardly reminiscent Read more […]

Scar Symmetry – Holographic Universe (Nuclear Blast Records)

The stage for saccharine melodic death metal was set when In Flames unleashed the unabashedly catchy and fun “Only For the Weak” in 2000. Said song put the bounce and pop into melodic death metal, Read more […]

Reverend Bizarre – Crush the Insects Reissue (Spinefarm)

To launch the UK branch of their record label, Spinefarm have delved into the vaults and dug out a couple of reissues, the first of which is from Finish doom legends Reverend Bizarre. Originally released Read more […]

Nachtmystium – Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1 (Century Media Records)

Perhaps the most significant USBM act outside of Xasthur, Chicago’s Nachtmystium continue their ascension in the extreme metal ranks with Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1. For anyone that has followed Read more […]

Judas Priest – Nostradamus (Epic)

Three years removed from Angel of Retribution, Priest have once again set themselves up for a precipitous fall in the form of a Turbo and Ram It Down with Nostradamus. At this stage in their career, Read more […]

Keep of Kalessin – Kolossus (Nuclear Blast Records)

Fresh off a stellar stint on Dimmu Borgir’s The Invaluable Darkness Pt II tour, Norwegian trad black metallars Keep of Kalessin appear to be poised the upper-echelon of modern black metal with Kolossus. Read more […]

Headhunter – Parasite of Society (AFM/Candlelight Records)

Defunct since the early 90’s, Headhunter made nary a dent in the American metal scene by the time Destruction’s Schimer was ready to hang up his studded belt and take some time away from the biz. With Read more […]

Power Quest – Master of Illusion (Napalm Records)

You know, there was a time when being anything but menacing in metal was a rather large no-no. No smiles, no good times, and definitely, definitely not any ‘fun’ tunes. That all changed when Helloween Read more […]

Withered – Folie Circulaire (Prosthetic Records)

The “wall of sound” is a term often bandied about when discussing the rash of post-metal/hardcore/whatever bands that are currently inundating the underground. While excellent bands like Isis, Rosetta, Read more […]

Daylight Dies – Lost To the Living (Candlelight Records)

The missing link between the vaunted classic-era Katatonia sound and modern, morose dark metal, North Carolina’s Daylight Dies are now the full-blown torchbearers of all things doom and gloom. There Read more […]

Heidevolk – Walhalla Wacht (Napalm Records)

Keeping with the theme thus far for 2008 that folk/epic/whatever metal has set up camp in our collective pysche’s, here comes Heidevolk, a band that no doubt are the bottom-dwellers of this style. If Read more […]

Desaster – 666 Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate (Metal Blade Records)

Kinda like throwback thrash, primitive churn-and-burn BM can be pumped out fairly easily. Not to say bands like Impaled Nazarene or the band in question, Germany’s Desaster are without merit, it’s Read more […]

Deicide – Till Death Do Us Part (Earache Records)

If this really is the last Deicide album (as Glen Benton has hinted in several interviews), then consider the band having come full circle. Naturally, there were some significant road bumps and career Read more […]

Belphegor – Bondage Goat Zombie (Nuclear Blast Records)

Last year’s Pestapocalypse IV from this Austrian duo was all-in-all, underwhelming. For a band that has made its work in the black/death realm, said album tapered off pretty quickly, so off went Belphegor Read more […]

Neaera – Armamentarium (Metal Blade Records)

At long last, the German metalcore scene is shedding its uniform and copycat image. For a short time, say two or three years ago, Maroon, Heaven Shall Burn, Neaera, Fear My Thoughts, and Caliban all came Read more […]

Ihsahn – angL (Candlelight Records)

With both Emperor and Peccatum in the rear-view mirror, Ihsahn’s immense talent wingspan can now fully blanket the black metal and avant-garde metal realms. His first solo album, 2006’s The Adversary was Read more […]

Moonspell – Night Eternal (SPV)

Since their rediscovery of the Wolfheart-era sound, Portugal’s Moonspell have enjoyed a career revitalization that is both surprising and deserving. Fact of the matter is, Fernando Ribeiro and co. have Read more […]

Testament – The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast Records)

It seemed like this would never come. Testament have taken almost a decade to produce the follow-up to 1999’s mammoth The Gathering, having endured a cancer scare for Chuck Billy, some lineup shuffles, Read more […]

Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver (Sensory)

A great idea on paper: the combination of over-the-top tech metal ala Cynic, Atheist, et al, with clean, progressive vocals, Zero Hour are now coming dangerously close to perfecting their own indelible Read more […]

Septicflesh – Communion (Season of Mist Records)

The holy godfathers of the Greek metal scene (Rotting Christ is a very close second), Sepeticflesh return after a short breakup with Communion. As far as natural dark metal bands go, few are more invigorating Read more […]

Distorted – Voices From Within (Candlelight Records)

Oddly reminiscent of Amaran, a now-defunct melodic death metal band with clean female vox, Israel’s Distorted are a cool mix of the aforementioned sound and haunting Goth metal. Distorted is a bit more Read more […]

Midnattsol – Nordlys (Napalm Records)

erhaps best known for featuring Carmen Elise Espenaeas, the sister of Leaves Eyes’ Liv Kristine, Midnattsol (that’s “midnight sun” in case you were wondering), return after a three year layoff Read more […]

Mourning Beloveth – A New Disease For the Ages (Prophecy/Grau)

One of the pillars of the slo-mo doom style, Ireland’s Mourning Beloveth return with A New Disease For the Ages, a vast improvement over the inconsistent A Murderous Circus. Rife with prolonged, sobbing Read more […]

Farmakon – Robin (Candlelight Records)

You know, there are rip-offs, and there are rip-offs. Our Finnish friends Farmakon make little or no effort to prove they are anything but an Opeth tribute band in hiding, with Robin being the ill-begotten Read more […]

Warrel Dane – Praises to the War Machine (Century Media Records)

Essentially “Nevermore-light,” which for all intents and purposes would be their first, self-titled album, Praises to the War Machine bears the unmistakable mark of one of metal’s last true voices, Read more […]

Arsis – We Are the Nightmare (Nuclear Blast Records)

Arsis may not quite be Death yet, but if anyone can lay claim to the neo progressive death metal tag for this generation, it would be James Malone and co. Their previous two efforts, 2004’s A Celebration Read more […]

Firewind – The Premonition (Century Media)

All-star guitarist Gus G.’s burst of productivity has carried over into ’08, barely a year after Allegiance was released. Sorta surprising why more bandsdon’t do this – it was commonplace in Read more […]