Head Cleaner – The Extreme Sound of Truth (Vinyl Store)

Greek band Head Cleaner have been purveyors of death metal/grindcore since the early 2000’s – although this fourth album The Extreme Sound of Truth is their first since 2013’s Of Worms and Men. A Read more […]

Thy Art is Murder – Godlike (Human Warfare)

A band that has been very so slowly advancing their sound, moving from more traditional deathcore chugging to more of a modern death metal act (aka not relying solely upon breakdown power to define their Read more […]

Fossilization – Leprous Daylight (Everlasting Spew Records)

For the death/doom connoisseurs, Brazil’s Jupiterian may ring a particularly slimy bell. Having been one of the more unique and menacing purveyors of their chosen proclivity, they’ve been steadily Read more […]

Spillage – Phase Four (Qumran Records)

The Chicago musical landscape has always been active in multiple heavy genres – including the work of this sextet Spillage. Their fourth album Phase Four contains relevant current issue content (science/medical Read more […]

Skull & Crossbones – Sungazer (Massacre Records)

Four former members of German heavy metal act Stormwitch felt the fire to continue forward in this new band Skull & Crossbones. Expanding as a quintet with vocalist Tobi Hübner in the fold, Massacre Records Read more […]

Eclipse – Megalomanium (Frontiers Music)

When it comes to current melodic hard rock/heavy metal that’s making a monumental impact across the globe, it’s hard not to notice the steady quality of discography from Swedish band Eclipse. Focused Read more […]

Mustang – Beyond Raging Thunder (Fighter Records)

Metal truly is a global force. Newcomers from all continents showcase their love for the genre – such as the band up for review, Mustang from India. Forming in 2015, they’ve established a strong local Read more […]

Nasty – Heartbreak Criminals (Century Media)

Following up from 2020’s Menace, the purveyors of ‘fucked up music for a fucked up world,’ Nasty return with their ninth full-length in Heartbreak Criminals. With their visceral and violent sound completely Read more […]

Damnation Plan – The New Horizon (Inverse Records)

Changes remain constant throughout the evolution of progressive-oriented bands, even in the metal genre. Finnish band Damnation Plan previously incorporated both harsh and clean vocals through two different Read more […]

Timechild – Blossom & Plague (Mighty Music)

Quickly establishing themselves in 2020, Danish act Timechild incorporate numerous influences across the progressive, rock and metal landscapes to develop an eclectic sound for this sophomore album Blossom Read more […]

Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg for Death (Relapse)

Crazy to think that the last Dying Fetus album was 2017’s Wrong One to Fuck With, as the band always seems to maintain a certain presence. But it’s true that they don’t release albums as often as they Read more […]

Primal Fear – Code Red (Atomic Fire Records)

Back in the late 90’s, classic/traditional metal received a bit of a shot in the arm thanks to the success of Hammerfall and Primal Fear – proving that there could be some newcomers to inject some Read more […]

Vision Master – Sceptre (Gates of Hell Records)

A duo from Washington who have experience in numerous death, crossover, and heavy metal acts (namely Christian Mistress and Funerot), Vision Master draw from a mixture of old school, punk, and black metal Read more […]

Crucible of Hate – The Unknown Path (Self-Released)

It’s hopeful that seasoned musicians in a specific scene when connecting in a newer act will already have a lot of the chemistry/style issues worked out to just set forth on establishing themselves in Read more […]

Heads For the Dead – In the Absence of Faith (Pulverised Records)

An international act with ties across Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States – Heads for the Dead fuses a love for horror/thriller films with an engaging melodic death metal style. Read more […]

After Earth – The Rarity of Reason (Independent)

Melodic death metal is what paved the path to underground metal for this scribe. It goes without saying that this particular sub genre is one of deep personal importance. There have been ups and downs, Read more […]

The Unity – The Hellish Joyride (Steamhammer/SPV)

Like many musicians during COVID-19 times, The Unity decided to wait on issuing their next studio album until the smoke proverbially cleared, live venues opening up to regular capacities again so that Read more […]

Orphalis – As the Ashes Settle (Transcending Obscurity)

The segmented subgenres of brutal and technical death metal, for this scribe anyway, tend to lean far too heavily into tired tropes. Many tech death bands forget about the death metal part of the recipe, Read more […]

Breforth – Metal in My Heart (Metalapolis Records)

Most metal historians probably are aware of the German heavy metal/hard rock unit Mad Max from the 1980’s – who still exist over forty years later cranking out albums. Main member Jürgen Breforth Read more […]

Conquer Divide – Slow Burn (Mascot Recordings)

Stumbling across Conquer Divide’s self-titled debut in 2015, it didn’t quite click in all the right places though it had a few killer tracks (see “What’s Left Inside” or “Nightmares”). It combined some Read more […]

Porta Nigra – Weltende (Soulseller Records)

Historically existing firmly within the peculiar, Porta Nigra are one of the unsung heroes of avant-garde black metal. This subgenre usually personifies the phrase of ‘expect the unexpected,’ and these Read more […]

Grand Cadaver – Deities of Deathlike Sleep (Majestic Mountain Records)

Amidst the renewed appeal of old school death metal, there are musicians who were a part of the original movement willing to rekindle that youthful passion for the cause again. That’s what we have here Read more […]

U.D.O. – Touchdown (Atomic Fire Records)

Omnipresent as a force of metal, Udo Dirkschneider is a legend as a vocalist through his decades of work in Accept as well as U.D.O. There seems to be no desire to retire even as he turned 71(!) this year. Read more […]

Rană – Richtfeuer (Breath:Sun:Bone:Blood)

The thought of combining crust and post metal with black metal isn’t exactly brand new territory, with several successful iterations popping up throughout the years. Downfall of Gaia immediately comes Read more […]

Knife – Heaven Into Dust (Napalm Records)

Slicing through the German scene, you can’t get a more ‘metal’ moniker than Knife. Together in this incarnation since 2019, the quartet have plenty of seasoning together (and apart) in other acts Read more […]

Hanabie. – Raise wa Ijin! (Sony Music)

The Japanese metal and hard rock scene lovingly takes a lot of freedoms and experimentation that tend to leave many metal fans in the West stunned and flabbergasted by, and Hanabie is no execption to this Read more […]

The Anix – Nightvision (FiXT Music)

The intertwining of heavy and electronic music has been going on for a very long time, resulting in droves of interesting and high quality music. From industrial metal legends like Godflesh and Ministry, Read more […]

Silent Skies – Dormant (Napalm)

Few bands operate in such a space where they simultaneously write some of the most beautiful sounding music, yet provide such an utterly powerful gutpunch. But such is the realm of Silent Skies, the group Read more […]

Stitched Up Heart – To the Wolves (Century Media)

A band seemingly never afraid to spread their wings and incorporate new elements into their music, it’s always exciting to see where Stitched Up Heart will take their vision next. With the one constant Read more […]

Warmen – Here for None (Reaper Entertainment)

Although it’s been nine years between studio records, it’s not as if most of the members of Warmen have been idle in the time away – most notably keyboardist Janne Warman was an active part of Children Read more […]