F.K.Ü. – The Horror and the Metal (Despotz Records)

A humorous moniker that stands for Freddy Krueger’s Ünderwear, Swedish four-piece F.K.Ü. originally hit the streets in the late 80’s – taking a ten-year break before reforming in 1997 to chug along Read more […]

Dymytry – Five Angry Men (AFM Records)

The transition from foreign language attraction to English-oriented product can sometimes be challenging. Czech outfit Dymytry started on this path for 2021’s Revolt, which along with touring situations Read more […]

In Vain – Back to Nowhere (Fighter Records)

Another In Vain has been covered previously on this site – the Norwegian progressive death/black metal outfit that Katarina McGinn elaborated on through 2018’s Currents review. This is a Spanish outfit Read more […]

Night Fever – Dead End (Svart Records)

Danish act Night Fever brandish themselves in the old school hardcore/metal crossover platform – unleashing quick hitting songs sure to stir the pot, excite the youngsters, and get your aggression out Read more […]

Show N Tell – The Ritual Has Begun (No Remorse Records)

Often referenced in childhood days as the opportunity to showcase a specific talent or object of prominence to your fellow classmates, this Show N Tell comes from a true heavy metal background straight Read more […]

Infected Rain – Time (Napalm)

Already reaching their sixth full-length album, Infected Rain have been doing nothing but continuing to further grow their cause within the metal scene. With their groovy, alternative/nu metal sound taking Read more […]

Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon (Century Media)

Last year boasted some of the best melodic death metal to surface in some time, to the delight of these veteran ears. Newbies Majesties blasted off faces with Vast Reaches Unclaimed, and the legendary Read more […]

Artillery – Raw Live (In Copenhagen) (Mighty Music)

With four decades of playing thrash in the books, it’s natural that Artillery wishes to come out of the pandemic gates all guns blazing for this live album Raw Live (In Copenhagen). Recorded in 2022 Read more […]

Manticora – Mycelium (Mighty Music)

Danish band Manticora since arriving on the scene in 1997 has developed a thoughtful style that may be progressive power metal at its core, but also branches out into black, death, thrash, and traditional Read more […]

Mourning Dawn – The Foam of Despair (Aesthetic Death)

The progression of a band can be a funny thing. In the case of Mourning Dawn, they’ve been churning out black-tinged doom metal for two decades at this point, having been a consistent act that has always Read more […]

Blood Red Throne – Nonagon (Soulseller Records)

The purity of death metal reigns again through the veins of veteran Norwegian act Blood Red Throne. Together for 26 years, Nonagon is the eleventh studio album for the quintet, a turning point for the Read more […]

Dust & Bones – Mission Back To the Forbidden Planet (El Puerto Records)

Beyond the love of heavy metal, Germany also has a healthy appreciation for raw, dirty rock ‘n’ roll with stoner, punk and darker overtones. Dust & Bones are one of the domestic quintets continually Read more […]

The Rods – Rattle the Cage (Massacre Records)

I’ve always heard of The Rods but never really honed in on them. Well, their new album Rattle the Cage is out as I write this on Massacre Records, so I thought I’d check it out. I’m pretty pleased in general. Read more […]

Nemophila – Evolve (Masterworks)

Steadily making a name for themselves as a force in Japan since their debut in 2019, and hot off of their first US run early last year, Nemophila returns for their third full-length album, Evolve. Initially Read more […]

Hiraes – Dormant (Napalm)

Hiraes’ debut, 2021’s Solitary, proved to be a shining beacon for old school melodic death metal fans. They showcased their knowledge of the genre’s capabilities (4/5 members were in the long-running Dawn Read more […]

Hellman – Born, Suffering, Death (Black Lodge / Sound Pollution)

From Chile comes Hellman – the brainchild of vocalist/bassist Felipe Ferrada, best known for his front of house work at live shows and running an international booking agency Ferroda Booking. Rounding Read more […]

Any Given Day – Limitless (Arising Empire)

Despite having a strong scene over the years, the German metalcore movement never really exploded in the same way that it’s American counterpart did. Bigger acts like Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn nonetheless Read more […]

Cobrakill – Serpent’s Kiss (Frontiers Music)

Hokay, so!! Let’s take a trip in the way back machine, yeah? Cobrakill is back with album number two Serpent’s Kiss coming via Frontiers Music. Now, let’s be clear here, okay? This record sounds like Read more […]

Resin Tomb – Cerebral Purgatory (Transcending Obscurity)

We like our metal filthy, and if you follow the kind of artists yours truly likes to cover, that statement shouldn’t surprise in the least. There’s just something about gritty, visceral walls of angst-ridden Read more […]

Heavy Sentence – Warriors of Madness (Dying Victims Productions)

We all start somewhere when it comes to our metal journey. For this scribe, the NWOBHM scene offered a multitude of artists firing on all cylinders for the glory of the music. So it’s always exciting Read more […]

Nextanative – Prologue: Burn it Down (Velvet Records)

Another example that not all idol-related groups have to come from Japan, Nextanative is an Indonesian act that is influenced by the Japanese alt idol sound and it’s culture, but taking things slightly Read more […]

Boundless Chaos – Sinister Upheaval (Dying Victims Productions)

Unleashing a frantic brand of death-laden thrash metal since their inception in 2017, German quintet Boundless Chaos lives for a time when fury, aggression, and no sense of modern compromise existed in Read more […]

Caligula’s Horse – Charcoal Grace (InsideOut Music)

Our major exposure to Caligula’s Horse was in the build up to ProgPower USA XX in 2019. When announced during the 2018 edition – of which is customarily done so at the festival via a cool video presentation Read more […]

Metalite – Expedition One (AFM Records)

Metalite have been masters of fusing modern metal, power metal bombast, and pop-infused fun since 2017’s Heroes in Time. At this point, it’s been 3 years since their last release, A Virtual World, though Read more […]

Not Secured, Loose Ends – Ouroarboros (codomomental inc)

Known previously as yukueshirezutsurezure, Not Secured, Loose Ends has ties that go all the way back to 2015 within the Japanese alt idol scene. In early 2021, yurushirezutsurezure disbanded but the group Read more […]

Ruthless – The Fallen (Fireflash Records)

So about eight years ago was when I first encountered Ruthless. The album was They Rise and I remember not being very impressed with what I heard. So now, in 2024, along comes The Fallen. What the hell, Read more […]

Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation (Silver Lining Music)

Glorious times for this veteran UK metal entourage in Saxon. Their profile has never been bigger in all parts of the globe – even gaining a chance to tour stateside with Judas Priest when Thunderbolt Read more […]

Extinction A.D. – Ruthless Intent (Unique Leader Records)

Almost a decade in existence, Long Island, New York’s Extinction A.D. produce a savage form of metallic energy that fuses hardcore, punk, and thrash elements. Be it on record or stage, people will be Read more […]

Saevus Finis – Facilis Descensus Averno (Transcending Obscurity)

With 2023 slightly in the rear view, let the 2024 releases commence! There’s a whole lot coming down the pipeline, and one of the early albums we were most curious about is a brand new entity in Saevus Read more […]

Magnum – Here Comes the Rain (Steamhammer/SPV)

Fifty years as a musician and songwriter for Magnum is quite a legacy to uphold for guitarist Tony Clarkin. The UK act continues to churn out an addictive blend of AOR-oriented melodic hard rock that contains Read more […]