Razor – Escape the Fire (High Roller Records)

Back in the 1980’s, bands often yielded creative control and power to the almighty record label, otherwise losing out on a proper push and promotional campaign to hopefully help acts move from the underground Read more […]

Xenos – The Dawn of Ares (Iron Shield Records)

Quickly returning in 2021 for a sophomore album with The Dawn of Ares eighteen months after Filthgrinder, Italian thrash trio see the well of inspiration flowing freely. Moving to German label Iron Shield Read more […]

Requiem – Collapse into Chaos (Massacre Records)

An act with almost twenty-five years under the same banner, Requiem are a five-piece outfit from Switzerland embracing a mix of US and European influences within death metal for this eighth studio album Read more […]

Lord of the Lost – Judas (Napalm)

If there’s been one band in recent years that has really proven that they can flex some serious muscle with concept-driven double albums, it’s Lord of the Lost. Between symphonic and string releases Read more […]

Pharaoh – The Powers That Be (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Rare is the day that you have a band containing the same four members and remain on the same record label their entire career. That’s what we have for US power metal group Pharaoh – releasing their Read more […]

Fractal Universe – The Impassible Horizon (Metal Blade)

Fractal Universe really seemed to get all of their metallic ducks in a row for 2019’s Rhizomes of Insanity. A great step up from their debut, which utilized a more diverse energy and greater dynamic. Read more […]

Entierro – El Camazotz (Self-Released)

Named after the Mayan bat god associated with night, death, and sacrifice, El Camazotz is the five-song EP follow up to the 2018 self-titled album of Connecticut heavy metal band Entierro. Most will know Read more […]

Drawn and Quartered – Congregation Pestilence (Krucyator Productions)

2018’s The One Who Lurks was a competent enough death metal release from Drawn and Quartered following a six year absence from the scene. Filthy and cavernous, with the usual Incantation and Immolation Read more […]

Lacuna Coil – Live from the Apocalypse (Century Media)

With the COVID halt to all things live music, it forced an alternative on bands who still wanted to connect with their fans in these trying times. That way, of course, was live streaming. A number of Read more […]

Winter Eternal – Land of Darkness (Hells Headbangers)

When you get an album with the name Land of Darkness by an artist called “Winter Eternal” which is made up of a single member by the moniker “Soulreaper”, you get a distinct image of what awaits you musically. Read more […]

Angelwings – Primordium (Pride & Joy Music)

While many symphonic metal artists probably used Nightwish as a benchmark template to start their career – Angelwings evolved from covering the band in 2013 to writing their own material a year later. Read more […]

Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – The Enigma Birth (Frontiers Music)

Originally delivering a trilogy of records under the Avalon umbrella per request of Frontiers Music president Serafino Perugino, The Enigma Birth extends the series into a fourth installment. An unusual Read more […]

At the Gates – The Nightmare of Being (Century Media)

With this being their third album post-hiatus, it should seem that the ‘deliver Slaughter of the Soul pt 2’ clamoring is at its end. At the Gates have consistently shown in this era that they aren’t Read more […]

Reinforcer – Prince of the Tribes (Scarlet Records)

These days combining sub-genres of metal seems to be an important distinction marker beyond what musicians can do for their image. In the case of Reinforcer for this debut album Prince of the Tribes, that Read more […]

Ravager – The Third Attack (Iron Shield Records)

Settling in a stable lineup one year after formation, German thrash act Ravager are up to the critical third album stage with the accurately titled The Third Attack. Having previously reviewed the two Read more […]

Neonfly – The Future, Tonight (Noble Demon)

Although there has been a seven-year gap between releases for UK act Neonfly, the band hasn’t been idle behind the scenes. Releasing a few singles in the interim, successfully running a crowdfunding Read more […]

Cathexis – Untethered Abyss (Willowtip)

Hailing from Texas, Cathexis is a new death metal act that digs those off-kilter riffs and craziness that we have come to expect from bands like Gorguts and their ilk. You know, the dissonant yet super Read more […]

Backlash – Colossus (Self-Released)

Thanks to specific social media algorithms we gain the chance to discover new bands like Illinois’ Backlash. Active since 2014, they’ve released a demo Cutting Teeth in 2018, setting the stage for Read more […]

Nephren-Ka – From Agony to Transcendence (Dolorem Records)

Sometimes one can get immune to the death metal gimmick. The excessive brutality and jackhammering sounds can make one not so impressed by the overall heft and weight of a particular release after many Read more […]

Hiraes – Solitary (Napalm)

Formed from the remains of long-running melodic death metal act Dawn of Disease (all of them sans for the vocal position, in fact), Hiraes is a new band that also plays melodic death metal albeit in a Read more […]

Hammer King – Hammer King (Napalm)

Continuing to fly the flag for power metal, Hammer King since 2015 have been steadily gaining traction for a tried and true, anthem-oriented style that usually goes down a storm across mainland Europe. Read more […]

Light the Torch – You Will Be the Death of Me (Nuclear Blast)

2018’s Revival was the first release for the act under the Light the Torch moniker (after two releases as Devil You Know), and likewise the band took advantage of the situation to tweak their sound a Read more […]

Lucifer’s Hammer – The Trip (High Roller Records)

Taking their name from a Larry Niven/Jerry Pournelle novel from 1977, Lucifer’s Hammer comes from Chile, establishing a traditional heavy metal pedigree since 2012. They’ve recorded a demo, EP and Read more […]

Crypta – Echoes of the Soul (Napalm Records)

Originally developed as a side project only to transform into a fully active unit, Crypta is a quartet of musicians with previous ties to acts like Nervosa and Burning Witches among others. Although having Read more […]

Cerebral Rot – Excretion of Mortality (20 Buck Spin)

One strong point to Cerebral Rot’s debut, outside of the disgusting yet memorable death metal riffing, was that of using some vivid colors on their art. The same can be applied to their second album Read more […]

The Absence – Coffinized (M-Theory Audio)

After storming back through the gates with comeback album, 2018’s A Gift for the Obsessed, The Absence has returned for more melodic death metal glory with their fifth overall album in Coffinized. It’s Read more […]

Witch Cross – Angel of Death (High Roller Records)

Probably best known these days for their 1984 debut Fit for Fight album, Danish group Witch Cross developed a cult following for their NWOBHM-influenced heavy metal style. Active again since 2011, Angel Read more […]

Svn.Seeker – Means to an End (Self-Released)

Thankfully reaching out to this CT act through Instagram, Svn.Seeker (pronounced Sun.Seeker) have been together since 2017 and finally releases their debut EP in Means to an End. The four-piece contains Read more […]

This Ending – Needles of Rust (Black Lion Records)

Five years now removed from their third full-length, Garden of Death, the Swedish melodic death metal purists of This Ending are back with another round of the good stuff. And by good stuff, of course Read more […]

Alustrium – A Monument to Silence (Unique Leader)

Gaining some buzz a bit later on than other Pennsylvanian acts Rivers of Nihil and Black Crown Initiate, Alustrium made 2015’s A Tunnel to Eden an independent release worth seeking out for those into Read more […]