Dystopica – Perception (Self-Released)

Hailing from Trumbull, CT (a part of Fairfield County), Dystopica is a newcomer to the scene releasing their debut six-song EP Perception. Coming to my attention due to guitarist Robert Muller’s involvement Read more […]

Three Dead Fingers – All Worlds Apart (Art Gates Records)

Always excited to chart progress in acts previously under the microscope at this site, Three Dead Fingers returns following up their debut album Breed of the Devil with All Worlds Apart – signing a new Read more […]

Rage of Light – Redemption (Self-Released)

Rage of Light has had their fingers on the trance/cyber metal pulse since their inception with Chasing a Reflection, an EP that brought together some melodic death metal heaviness with futuristic, electronic Read more […]

Age of Wolves – Age of Wolves (Pitch Black Records)

Although a relatively new outfit since forming in 2019, Canadian rockers Age of Wolves have almost a century of music-making experience in their ranks. This debut self-titled record contains eight tracks Read more […]

We Are the Catalyst – Perseverance (Self-Released)

An appropriate album title if there ever was one, We Are the Catalyst continue to weather all the storms that are tossed their way (such as the Pledge Music debacle).  2019’s Ephemeral was a modern metal Read more […]

Manimal – Armageddon (AFM Records)

Establishing a foothold in the heavy/power metal scene since forming twenty years ago, Manimal continues to uphold a well-established sound on their fourth album release Armageddon. The quartet executes Read more […]

The Rods – Let Them Eat Metal (High Roller Records)

In the early development of hard rock and heavy metal, bands had to get product out on an annual basis to fuel the marketplace for bigger tours, possible radio airplay, and develop a global following. Read more […]

Age of Athena – Gate to Oblivion (Self-Released)

Finding a new act that doesn’t stick to the script is always worth a look.  In the case of Age of Athena, there’s much more to the band than a simply genre description could offer.  The band’s debut, Read more […]

Custard – Imperium Rapax (Pure Steel Records)

Tried and true Teutonic power metal has been a staple of the scene since the 1980’s – domestic bands like Custard a part of that tradition for decades. Only drummer Chris Klapper remains from the original Read more […]

Under the Church – Total Burial (Pulverised Records)

Swedish quintet Under the Church is a death metal unit intent on delivering old school, crushing tracks through their latest EP Total Burial. Consisting of members with past and present ties to acts like Read more […]

Eternity’s End – Embers of War (Prosthetic Records)

Best known for his work in Obscura, Paradox, and Alkaloid, guitarist Christian Münzner also has a passion for writing/playing in the power/progressive metal with a speed/neoclassical slant genre – thus Read more […]

Hitten – Triumph & Tragedy (High Roller Records)

Building a steady interest throughout the past decade, Spain’s Hitten straddle the lines of classic metal, melodic hard rock, and a bit of thrash for their previous EP’s and albums. Now arriving at Read more […]

Post Mortal Possession – Valley of the Starving (Lord of the Sick Recording)

The incredibly consistent and perpetually underrated brutal death metal act from Pittsburgh, Post Mortal Possession always provide intensely brutal death metal that isn’t afraid to jump outside the the Read more […]

Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus (Unique Leader)

Long-standing NYDM act Pyrexia has been more consistent in releasing material since their 2007 comeback in Age of the Wicked.  But somehow they have avoided the same level of attention given their peers Read more […]

Rhapsody of Fire – Glory for Salvation (AFM Records)

Evolution is a constant in the life and body of work for musicians. Co-founder of the original Rhapsody, keyboardist/songwriter Alex Staropoli has been the leader for Rhapsody of Fire since fellow co-founder/ Read more […]

Temperance – Diamanti (Napalm)

Idle time in the hands of musicians usually proactive on the road means you might as well get down to business and write another album, right? Such is the case for Italian modern melodic heavy metal quintet Read more […]

Repentance – Volume I: Reborn (Noble Demon)

A Chicago-based modern thrash act starting up in 2018 and featuring Shaun Glass (ex-Broken Hope/ex-Soil), the band put out a full-length in 2020 entitled God for a Day.  With the title Volume I: Reborn, Read more […]

Khemmis – Deceiver (Nuclear Blast)

Steadily gaining critical acclaim and furthering reach across the doom/heavy metal platform, Khemmis arrives at their fourth album for Deceiver. Thematically channeling issues of brokenness, mental health, Read more […]

Hollow -Tower (Rockshots Records)

Delving into the world of inner and outer freedom, belonging and transcendence, Tower is the fourth album from Hollow – the Swedish power/progressive metal act lead by Andreas Stoltz. Originally a part Read more […]

The Browning – The End of Existence (Spinefarm)

The Browning have always been a band with a unique sound and twist, no matter your thoughts on their output.  The combination of deathcore heaviness with EDM/trance/electronic elements have brought the Read more […]

Victory – Gods of Tomorrow (AFM Records)

Active since the mid 1980’s when guitarist Herman Frank stepped away from Accept, Victory has been a melodic heavy metal staple in the European scene – although relegated to more of a cult status stateside Read more […]

Unanimated – Victory in Blood (Century Media)

One of those cult acts associated with the early days of the Gothenburg scene, Unanimated never really reached that same level as their peers in say In Flames or At the Gates.  But the band made some Read more […]

Of Mice & Men – Echo (Sharptone Records)

An amalgamation of metal, rock, and hardcore, it’s hard to really place Of Mice & Men into a simple, defining category.  Even between shifts in albums, merging between heavier moments and more melodic Read more […]

Eternal Evil – The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter (Redefining Darkness Records)

There’s something to be said for teenage angst, rebellion, and the need for self-expression. Especially relevant in heavier genres of metal – where you can hear a purity and singular vision for destruction Read more […]

Imminence – Heaven in Hiding (Arising Empire)

Tossing the metalcore label on a band like Imminence seems to ignore some major facets of the band’s sound.  Most have a pretty standard understanding of what the term means, and such a description Read more […]

E-Force – Mindbender (Mighty Music)

Probably best known for his work during 1994-2001 with Canadian legends Voivod, vocalist/bassist Eric Forrest started E-Force after his time in the group. Currently issuing their fifth full-length Mindbender, Read more […]

Eldritch – EOS (Scarlet Records)

This scribe has a long history listening to Italian progressive/power metal outfit Eldritch. Discovering the band in the early 90’s during the demo stage of 1991’s Reflection of Sadness and the promo Read more […]

The Lurking Fear – Death, Madness, Horror, Decay (Century Media)

The Lurking Fear first released Out of the Voiceless Grave four years ago.  A supergroup of Swedish death metal, with members from At the Gates, Disfear, Skitsystem, and The Haunted (among others), it Read more […]

NorthTale – Eternal Flame (Nuclear Blast)

Establishing themselves as an international force in the power metal movement, NorthTale burst onto the scene for their first album Welcome to Paradise in 2019. A mix of Swedish and American musicians Read more […]

Aephanemer – A Dream of Wilderness (Napalm)

More.  More.  More.  That’s the first thing that comes to mind with Aephanemer’s third effort, A Dream of Wilderness.  With two solid melodeath outings under their belts, and 2019’s Prokopton Read more […]