Rage – Resurrection Day (Steamhammer/SPV)

Establishing their trade in the heavy/power/speed metal scene since the 1980’s, German act Rage have expanded back into a quartet lineup for their latest record Resurrection Day – a first since 1999’s Read more […]

Demolizer – Upgrade (Mighty Music)

Choosing to stay relevant after the success of their debut album Thrashmageddon, Demolizer from Denmark reaches back into the archives and puts a newer spin on old material for this Upgrade EP. Consisting Read more […]

Sceptor – Rise to the Light (Pure Steel Records)

A cross continental band with members from the US and Germany, Sceptor originally developed from 2009 to 2014, releasing a single and debut album Take Command! during that run. Reforming in 2019, they Read more […]

Aeon – God Ends Here (Metal Blade)

Swedish death metal act Aeon has been away from the scene for a bit.  Their last album was 2012’s Aeon Black, so to say that there’s been a continual uptick in death metal acts would be an understatement.  Read more […]

Thy Row – Unchained (Rockshots Records)

Containing members across Finland with experience in the power, symphonic, and melodic death/extreme metal fields, Thy Row hone in on a more melodic metal cocktail of influences for this debut album Unchained. Read more […]

Infrared – From the Black Swamp (Self-Released)

Done raiding the songwriting coffers from the past, Canadian act Infrared develops a new hard-hitting twelve-song album for From the Black Swamp. Touching on personal trials and tribulations that have Read more […]

The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian (Unique Leader)

Long-time purveyors of blackened deathcore, The Breathing Process are one of the first acts that attempted said merger with the release of In Waking: Divinity back in 2007.  Labyrinthian is their fourth Read more […]

Trivium – In the Court of the Dragon (Roadrunner)

Seemingly poised to outdo their last album with each new release lately, Trivium returns after last year’s What the Dead Men Say with their tenth full-length in the form of In the Court of the Dragon.  Read more […]

Second Reign – Gravity (Massacre Records)

Original plans for a few single releases to get live shows transformed over the next sixteen months into a debut full-length album for Swiss band Second Reign. Forced to record Gravity separately due to Read more […]

Axxelerator – Heads or Tails (Allegro Talent Media)

Hard to come up with an original name these days, but there’s something special about modifying a specific English word and making it as metal as you get from Swiss act Axxelerator. Originating as Rust Read more […]

Rebel’s End – Sing to the Devil (Pure Steel Records)

Belgian act Rebel’s End since 2016 have been a healthy export of melodic hard rock/metal – the type that has a lot of 80’s spirit and bluesy/sleazy qualities as a prevailing method of execution on Read more […]

Wage War – Manic (Fearless Records)

What’s the key to being successful in metalcore nowadays?  For one, stop aping the ‘classics’ provided to us by bands like Killswitch, Unearth, and the like.  Two, put a diverse spin on things, Read more […]

Whyzdom – Of Wonders and Wars (Scarlet Records)

Receiving below average reviews over the course of the last three albums between scribes on this site, French symphonic metal act Whyzdom return for their fifth album on Of Wonders and Wars with skepticism Read more […]

Brainstorm – Wall of Skulls (AFM Records)

Fixtures in the German metal scene for decades, Brainstorm have a large discography that has made the quintet reliable on the recording and touring/festival circuit. Hitting their 13th album for Wall of Read more […]

Signs of the Swarm – Absolvere (Unique Leader)

Signs of the Swarm’s last album, 2019’s Vital Deprivation, was a marked improvement from the band’s more generic breakdown and chug-riff happy past.  Now emerging as a 3-piece, the band’s latest Read more […]

Criminal – Sacrificio (Metal Blade)

Creating their ninth album as outsiders looking in at the social strife from their upbringing in Chile, Criminal channels that aggressive upheaval and turmoil for Sacrificio – a twelve track salvo that Read more […]

Oversense – Egomania (Dr. Music Records)

German power metal act Oversense contains a YouTube sensation in guitarist Jasmin Pabst, who has over 270,000 subscribers for her work at JJ’s One Girl Band. It’s always nice to maintain a strong social Read more […]

CroMagnum – Born Free (King Metal Records)

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, CroMagnum developed out of the ashes of a previous act Mad Perish – the intent to revert to older times when heavy metal may have been simpler but also thoughtful, brutal, Read more […]

Spiritbox – Eternal Blue (Rise Records)

If there has been a big moving band in the metal scene in the last year or two, it’s definitely Spiritbox.  Comprised of former Iwrestledabearonce members Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer, the groovy Read more […]

Black Mass – Feast at the Forbidden Tree (Redefining Darkness Records)

Staples of the Boston metal scene, Black Mass possess the fervent passion and tenacity to claw their way up the ranks. Previously reviewing 2019’s second album Warlust that kept an 80’s thrash base Read more […]

Employed to Serve – Conquering (Spinefarm)

When you listen to metalcore, do you wish that it would slide further into heaviness instead of working the same ole pop metal catchy chorus cliché?  Employed to Serve are quite willing to cater to your Read more […]

Unto Others – Strength (Roadrunner)

After justly storming the metal world with their debut EP and full-length Mana, the then-named Idle Hands were renamed as Unto Others as well as picked up by Roadrunner Records.  Strength is the much-anticipated Read more […]

Hunted – Deliver Us (Pitch Black Records)

Back after a decade-long plus break from the studio, UK band Hunted have a lot to prove on their second album Deliver Us. Blending a musical stew of power/progressive heavy metal influences from North Read more […]

Cognizance – Upheaval (Prosthetic)

After a wealth of smaller releases, Cognizance finally unleashed their first full-length in 2019 with Malignant Dominion.  Being able to blast out tech flourishes over a few songs is one thing, but the Read more […]

Leprous – Aphelion (InsideOut Music)

Stellar musicians know how to challenge themselves the deeper they develop their career. Leprous may have begun as a progressive metal/rock act, but over the last few records they’ve added more atmospheric, Read more […]

Insomnium – Ardent Moon (Century Media)

Leave it to Insomnium to take advantage of the global sorrow and gloom that enveloped the world due to the COVID outbreak and turn it into something very Insomnium-like and depressive.  Ardent Moon is Read more […]

Anette Olzon – Strong (Frontiers)

Certainly no stranger to the metal scene, with her accomplished work alongside Nightwish, and currently with The Dark Element, Anette Olzon has also been hard at work as a solo artist.  Strong is her Read more […]

Vulvodynia – Praenuntius Infiniti (Unique Leader)

Waiting patiently to climb up the extreme metal ladder, Vulvodynia have also made a compelling evolution in their sound from their very slam-driven brutal death metal beginnings.  Their 2019 release, Read more […]

Portrait – At One with None (Metal Blade)

Development in a long career of metal bands usually takes a specific track. Showcasing energy and influences early on through the first couple of albums, only to shed a collective skin to subscribe to Read more […]

Crimson Fire – Another Dimension (No Remorse Records)

Always a stronghold for traditional/power metal artists, Crimson Fire is one of the domestic talents from Greece. Together since 2004, they’ve released two albums to date and shared the stage with bands Read more […]