Oversense – Egomania (Dr. Music Records)

Friday, 24th September 2021
Rating: 8/10

German power metal act Oversense contains a YouTube sensation in guitarist Jasmin Pabst, who has over 270,000 subscribers for her work at JJ’s One Girl Band. It’s always nice to maintain a strong social media presence to get a leg up on the wide array of artists vying for attention, which should aid the cause for this second full-length Egomania in terms of appeal. Choosing to create eleven tracks that possess a bit of a modern/groove edge while being melodic in European finesse as well as fluid in terms of the musicianship, the final results prove the quartet can deliver quality songs that are worthy of praise and consistent consumption.

Seesawing between guitar hooks and rhythm section work that can be very straightforward in its influences as well as punchy, energetic, and jumpy the next measure, elements of classic Helloween come to mind for “My Eden” while the vibrant vocal harmonies and slamming, semi-progressive snare/cymbal combinations to “The Longing” sit well with followers of Trivium or Parkway Drive as the circular guitar riffs and heavier transitions envelop your ears. Choosing to focus lyrically on social media concerns of faceless fashion and the overwhelming beauty influencer presence that makes for a chaotic world, you can feel the impassioned yearning for a better life from guitarist/keyboardist Danny Meyer in his strong melodic delivery – incorporating facets of modern/alternative radio rock as well as some metal coursing through those veins. The longest cut “Extinction” is a seven-minute epic that starts off at a ballad pace before ramping things up in terms of heaviness and atmosphere – sudden shifts keeping you on your toes, Danny giving a tremendous performance from lower register verses to an impactful chorus. And when you want some symphonic metal madness, look no further than “Faith”, featuring guest duet support from Snow White Blood singer Ulli Perhonen in the ideal male/female storytelling tradeoffs and tandem harmonization spots.

Considering they’ve been around since 2012, Oversense should make decent strides upward through Egomania. Melding the best of European melodic/power metal with that modern/groove touch has loads of crossover appeal in many subgenres, and the future looks bright indeed if these musicians keep quality output top of mind.

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