Order of the Dead – A Black Curse Comes (Self-Released)

Sunday, 2nd August 2015
Rating: 8.5/10

Witnessing the first Massachusetts show of this Rochester, NY death/thrash quintet recently, picking up their latest EP A Black Curse Comes was a no-brainer. Active since 2009, their two previous demos set the stage for a 4 song effort where the band pummel from a variety of death, thrash, and semi-groove stances while not relinquishing their drive and passion for the genre.

“Crimson Tide” opens the proceedings, a swirling sea gives way to the Chad Chudyk/Jody Roberts guitar tidal wave, a lot of the runs, squeals and dive bomb aspects reminiscent of the Florida death movement when acts like Morbid Angel and Monstrosity carried the underground. Drummer Mike Adams juggles his semi-blasting duties against the challenges of keeping things groovy, tight, and propulsive in his double bass madness. The follow up “Resistance Is Victory” has a lot of tight, echoing guitar harmonies and ‘can you top this’ lead break elements, more in the latter thrash stages vein of say Demolition Hammer or Testament, the vocal roar of Bill Lander shining through especially when screaming ‘we’ll fight ‘til vic-tor-y!’.

Lyrically topics run from the zombie apocalypse for “Sucking the Marrow” and political corruption on closer “322”, the former probably the best song of the four due to its addictive double bass stomp and jackhammer precise bass/guitar syncopation that assuredly whips many any audience into pit happy shape. Proper professional production values and killer cover art make this 25 minute recording stack up next to the label acts they aspire to join on roster-wise – and after being blown away by their crushing live show, Order of the Dead should not stay independent for much longer if they desire.

A Black Curse Comes contains European feel, American aggression, and songwriting intuition to become a favorite in any death/thrash collection.

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