Old Wounds/Trenchfoot – Spilt (Melotov Records)

Wednesday, 14th August 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

More angry dude music, this time in form of a lovely little split between New Jersey’s Old Wounds and upstate New York’s Trenchfoot. They should have trotted this thing out as a New Jersey-New York battle, but apparently, the two bands enjoy each other’s company. Oh well. Nevertheless , it’s a vicious, spit-a-flying blast of modern aggro-ness of the metallic variety, one with equal bows to the current crustcore movement, and post-hardcore.

Cutting to the chase, six songs here, two of which belong to Old Wounds; Trenchfoot picks up the rest. Old Wounds is the more faceless of the two, sounding like they’ve sat stageside for a little too many Southern Lord bands concerts, even if the eerie chimes of “An Ode to Love” are pretty gnarly. Too bad they didn’t flesh it out. Trenchfoot on the other hand, makes due with Tragedy-like hem-hawing, with lots of feedback on “Hexing Hope” and some knifing little melodic twists on “No Escape.” Our suggestion: hitch your wagon to Trenchfoot.

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