Odinfist – Remade in Steel (Self-Released)

Wednesday, 8th March 2023
Rating: 8 / 10

There’s something endearing about fun-loving musicians continuing to stick to their guns for 16 years in an old school, traditional form of heavy metal as you’ll hear instantly when taking in Canada’s Odinfist for this sixth album Remade in Steel. Continually expanding into doom, thrash, or proto-metal influences, the essence of this four-piece embraces the legacy of their homeland heroes as well as other European/US acts that set the template for the 1980’s underground to mainstream push for the genre.

Whether it’s immediately apparent through specific song titles (“Riffmaster” and “Metalmancer”), the special shrieking screams that punctuate certain lines, the colorful, multi-layered cover art illustration, or the twin-guitar aspects provided throughout these six tracks, rest assured that you can visualize the dry ice encompassing the crowd as fists bang against the stage while followers chant as one with the band. The cleaner guitar strains to marching mid-tempo riffs where extra guitar melodies and superior title background vocal chanting appear make “Allfather” a mid-record favorite, intertwining the feel of Manowar and early 90’s Iron Maiden where the vocals at times take on a rapid fire, almost spoken word nuance. Most of the cuts average out just over the six-minute mark, the band saving the longest song “Masquerade” for the fitting finale at 8:34, embracing the dynamic twists as electricity surges, Tyler Anderson and Justin Ketterer wielding harmonious guitars beyond the semi-power/doom transitions to keep ears abuzz. Judas Priest meets Anvil against 3 Inches of Blood right away for “Riffmaster”, ‘metal was born from the blood he shed’ a key line as you worship the sound of this genre we live and die for. Shane Bouthillier’s production, mixing, and mastering duties keep the sound primitive as well as organic, with very little computerized enhancement to smooth out the natural rougher textures these musicians deliver.

Would Remade in Steel set the charts on fire? Probably not – as Odinfist intentionally lean into their passion with the hope that you’ll join them for the ride. Don that favorite denim or leather jacket, strap on that bullet belt, and savor this effort that keeps heavy metal alive.

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