Odd Dimension- The Last Embrace to Humanity (Scarlet Records)

Tuesday, 16th April 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

The second album from Italian progressive metal act Odd Dimension straddles the lines of appeal for schooled musicians as well as the normal seasoned progressive fan. The Last Embrace to Humanity contains eight songs with a decidedly heavier guitar tone from Gianmaria Saddi and a vibrant vocal delivery from Manuel Candiotto to separate the band from the normal Dream Theater worship act that permeates their domestic scene.

Take in “Under My Creed” and “Fortune and Pain” as examples of spirited syncopated interplay between drummer Federico Pennazzato and keyboardist Gabriele Ciaccia, or Ciaccia with Saddi which gives the music this surging, roller coaster impact. Often Odd Dimension hones in on a particular progressive passage and embellishes things with softer dynamics- in line with Threshold for the piano parts and instrumental sections of “Dissolving into the Void.”

Ex-Vision Divine vocalist Michele Luppi makes a guest appearance on the semi-acoustic, ethereal “It’s So Late,” and I believe Candiotto could really learn a thing or two from the man’s ability to stretch into multi-octave melodies without overreaching. Right from the opening verses of “The Unknown King,” there’s the strange kind of note warbling taking affect, especially in the upper register, that could be a tough sell for some who prefer a pitch perfect, pristine voice helming a progressive metal band.

I have mixed feelings about this album in comparison to their Symmetrical debut. The exploration of their Fates Warning and Threshold influences gives Odd Dimension more coloring to the obvious killer time signature juggling and passionate progressive ways. I just wish Candiotto would use more of his natural lower and mid-range confidence instead of airing out his semi-operatic leanings.

Maybe this will be a grower with age.


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