Odd Dimension – Symmetrical (Scarlet Records)

Wednesday, 20th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Progressive metal spread like wildfire in Italy thanks to Images And Words from Dream Theater. It appears in the metal musician world, I’m betting you will find more people per capita starting their own tribute or original progressive bands thanks to this band’s discography than any other. Odd Dimension would be another band owing a debt of inspiration to them, and yet their debut album Symmetrical contains brimming confidence due to the lengthy accumulation of material (forming in 2002, releasing a first demo in 2005).

You won’t encounter radio-friendly time lengths out of these seven tracks, which average in around the six-minute and change range. Much of the rhythms and tempo changes carry an older DT influence circa-When Day And Dream Unite, for such keyboard/guitar/ drum interplay as heard on “Rising Through Light” or “Another Shore.” There’s even an kinetic pulse that rings of Saga meets AOR throughout “Light Speed Journey” that could help Odd Dimension gain some of those outside the box listeners.

Vocalist Manuel Candiotto may not be in the Rob Tiranti (Labyrinth) class quite yet, but his voice is one that has depth and flair. Keyboardist Max Capra throws down some 70’s-like Dennis DeYoung Grand Illusion tones to his solo work on closer “I’ll Be Back Once More,” while guitarist Gianmaria Saddi takes comfort in laying down classic power chords. The only disappointing aspect to Symmetrical lies in the synthetic-like snare sound where natural atmosphere would have worked so much better.

It’s great to see another European label willing to spread their wings in the North American market, and I believe Odd Dimension represents a great opening salvo for the market to latch onto.


(This content originally appeared on Blistering.com)

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