Nyktophobia – What Lasts Forever (Self-Released)

Friday, 31st July 2020
Rating: 8/10

Ever the consistent bunch, German melodic death metal unit Nyktophobia lay out their third full-length much like the last two before them. First, there’s the jawdroppingly impressive cover art – caked in ominous darkness and suitably epic (on par, if not better than the last two). Then there’s the music of course, which dives back down the rabbit hole into the early days of melodic death metal, with soaring and ear-catching riffs that provide plenty for you to sink your teeth in.

Few bands really focus on this old school energy within melodeath anymore, which is fine as Nyktophobia do a splendid job of capturing what makes it special. The riffs and melodies never fail to hit all of their marks, with an energetic and driving tone for the most part, fit to revel in some darkness as well. “Echoes of the Past” just plain rumbles with drum/riff thunder and is a good reminder of how well Nyktophobia understands the genre. The title track is another rager, frantic speed coupled with some high-flying melodies that do a fantastic job of nestling in your skull and staying with you. But it’s not all frenetic, with that aforementioned darkness can come some more melancholic grandeur, of which the finale “Moribund” absolutely nails. Sweeping strings and gloomy riffs provide an epic close to the album, and it’s possibly the strongest moment within. “Behind the Horizon” also settles into this feeling too, with exultant melodies sounding a somber yet soaring feeling.

Nyktophobia continue to do what they do best with What Lasts Forever, and that’s perfectly okay. With three albums in their belts now, they have fast become a staple when it comes to old school melodic death metal in its purest and most glorious form. Those who still dig this form of music are bound to really appreciate this one.

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