Neuraxis – Live Progression (Galy Records)

Thursday, 14th March 2013
Rating: 8/10

Now signed to Prosthetic Records where no doubt bigger things will be in store, Montreal’s Neuraxis are doing the ‘ole contractual obligation release with Live Progression. Recorded in front of an adoring crowd in Montreal (between-song raps are in French), Live Progression is an uncharacteristically good sounding live death metal album, demonstrating how versatile and explosive Neuraxis really is.

Culling largely from 2005’s Trilateral Progression album, Live Progression runs the Neuraxis gamut from frenzied, jazzy death metal (“A Curative Struggle”), melodic death metal (“The Apex,” “Thought Adjuster” and “Shatter the Wisdom”), to pummeling, straightforward death metal (“The Art of Sadness” and “Reasons Being”).

One of the more professional and clear sounding death metal albums in the last decade, Live Progression is the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with one of Canada’s metal institutions. As noted before – big things should be on the horizon for Neuraxis, who are more versatile than most death metal bands and given just how melodically competent and memorable their songs are, the jump to Prosthetic is certainly warranted.

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