Necrotted – Die for Something Worthwhile (Rising Nemesis Records)

Tuesday, 8th October 2019
Rating: 7.5/10

With Worldwide Warfare, Necrotted proved they had a winning formula within the brutal death metal scene. It took a bit from the hardcore scene, kept some slamming brutality, and subtle melodies to keep it all afloat. With a brisk, 4-song EP Die for Something Worthwhile, the band prove that they’ve still got all of the right mechanics in place to carve a niche for themselves.

Essentially, all of the strong points from Warfare indeed carry over. Most important is the brutality of course, and the shortened timeframe allows them to really do some steamrolling at times without fear of listener fatigue. Though with their admittedly varied palette, they can bring in those elements without hesitation, as a song like the title track starts things off with vicious carnage but also sees the groovy slowdowns and catchy melodic moments swoop in and enhance the mood without getting too much in the way. The hardcore-esque aesthetic also finds its place too, with “Eudaimonia” providing that tougher, direct edge to things but the band can still rip high speeds to annihilate with death metal fury. The sound is quite good as well, giving a modern feel without losing that immediate, heavy-as-nails impact that is a must in this particular style.

With only 13-minutes at hand, there’s no time wasted in Necrotted’s urgent attempt to bring in as much varied brutality as possible. There’s a bit of everything for the extreme metal fan to discover here and get a taste for Necrotted’s methodical approach to madness.

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