Necrogod – The Inexorable Death Reign (Iron, Blood, & Death Corporation)

Sunday, 8th November 2015
Rating: 7/10

The man who lives, breathes, eats, sleeps death metal is back once more (though he doesn’t ever really leave with all of his varied output). Of course, we are speaking of the one and only Rogga Johansson. This two man band also consists of the Costa Rican ‘Master Butcher’ (Insepulto), who contributes the vocals. Johansson delivers all of the instrumental performances.

Necrogod delivers about what you would expect given the Johansson component. The music is decidedly old school death metal in tone, with a thick and meaty tone. In some regards, there’s a feeling more of Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower – straightforward and sometimes groovy death metal. “Worms in the Holy Flesh” and “Skull Crushing Death” are relentless in their death metal charm, sure to give the old guard exactly the right mix of brutality they are looking for. There is also a more melodic and sometimes atmospheric piece as well, with songs like “Exequies for a Moribund God” and “Human Misery” slowing things down and providing some darker and eerie riffs. Not being familiar with ‘Master Butcher,’ this is a solid introduction and he showcases a wide variety of roars, shrieks, and powerful screams.

The Inexorable Death Reign is a short but sweet EP that is worth checking out for old school death metal fans. Granted, it’s yet another old school death metal album but the atmospheric components and melodies give it a step up from some of the rest of the crowd that just puts forward brutality above all.

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