Nails – Obscene Humanity (Southern Lord Records)

Wednesday, 27th March 2013
Rating: 8/10

With any luck, the powers that be at Southern Lord have in motion a split between Black Breath and Nails, the label’s heaviest and best bands. They both do virtually the same thing, which is ugly-as-hell d-beat death/thrash, set to the tune of frazzled vocals and a tone that is right up Uffe Cenderlund’s ass circa Left Hand Path.

On the three-song Obscene Humanity, the Southern California-based troupe dole out a quick and relentless beating, much like they did on 2010’s Unsilent Death, and their split with Skin Like Iron, which was released earlier this year. Clocking in barely over the eight-minute mark, Obscene Humanity gets its rocks of via the untamed barrage that is the title track, along with “Confront Them” and “Lies,” the latter of which breaks down into a searing mid-tempo lurch that is heavier than a heavy thing.

So yeah, where is that Black Breath/Nails split? Now that would be heavier than the heaviest thing on earth.

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