Mutiny Within – Origins (Self-Released)

Friday, 17th February 2017
Rating: 9/10

There’s something to be said for fan service. On two occasions to this point, Mutiny Within have arisen up to create new music, because that’s what the fans craved (well, they missed making music together too). After their first self-titled album was released on Roadrunner, the band threw in the towel after being unceremoniously dropped. They returned independently with a follow-up Synchronicity in 2013 and again pulled a vanishing act. This brings us to the present time, with the band coming together once more to craft their third album, Origins.

The Origins title works, with the album feeling more akin to their punchy debut release than the more melodic Synchronicity. “Archetype of Destruction” opens up the album in a big way, with some intense blastbeats and growled screams (something again that lacked in album #2) providing a good idea of what to expect this time around. Keyboards also make more of a presence as well, helping to elevate the thrashier sections as well as add additional emotional resonance to the melodic pieces. Mutiny Within has always walked a more unique ground, having a more modern feel with incorporating melodic death and power metal influences, and everything heard on Origins serves to the band refining what works best for them. The dynamic approach encompasses more progressive tones (“Silent Weapons”) to the melodic and soaring (“Reasons”) and galloping, heavy riffs (“Justify”). Of course, a nod should be sent towards vocalist Chris Clancy, whose vocals fit the music to a tee, and once more provide some absolutely incredible choruses, guaranteed to stick in your head – see “Serenity” or the epic closer “Secrets” if you require proof.

While tackling heavier and more progressive waters than their last album, Mutiny Within handle the improvements with grace. Below the surface, it’s still the same Mutiny Within, the refinements and focus with Origins take the band to the next level. A must for all melodic, modern metal fans.

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