Mountain Throne – Stormcoven (Cyclone Empire Records)

Sunday, 24th November 2013
Rating: 8/10

After recording an EP vinyl in 2010 followed by a split with Procession in 2011, this will be a successful and memorable year for German metal rockers Mountain Throne as they debut their first-ever CD release and full-length album Stormcoven. Being of the ancient heavy metal genre, Mountain Throne has conquered an archaic sound of heavy metal with their moderate use of doom and touch of antiquated tonalities.

Rather than revealing their full names, the members of Mountain Throne abbreviate their names to single letters. Between F.’s valiant vocals, captivating in his partially sung and articulated rhymes, J.’s crisp percussion and background vocals, S.’s heavy yet groovy bass lines, and A.’s metal-rock guitar riffs and shredded solos, the sounds of Stormcoven are reminiscent of Black Sabbath, but toned a darker shade of black. If there is a band that could revitalize 80’s style metal in the modern era, it is Mountain Throne. Though they are a newer band, they are not new to the metal domain because J. and A. are also members of Mirror of Deception, one of the longest running doom bands in Europe.

Since A., J., and F. founded the band in 2009, Mountain Throne have performed at several events including Dublin Doom Day, Malta Doom Metal Festival, Megalomania, Hammer of Doom, and Doom Shall Rise Festival. Fans or anyone who attended Hammer of Doom VI might recognize their signature title “On the Mountain Throne,” also featured on the new album. Via Cyclone Empire Records, Stormcoven was recorded and mixed at Darkland-Studios Heiningen by Magister Hubert, with the exception of the drums separately recorded at Hammerbeat Resort by Unholy Kral. Such a recording method is excellent for capturing a clear and sharp sound without the risk of harmonic imbalance.

With musical attributes like nefariously slow to nimbly fast tempos, smooth to rigid rhythms, plaited harmonization, and epic call and response verses by F. and J., Mountain Throne are a powerful, vigorous, and well synchronized group. Stormcoven represents the whole of what they’ve ascended toward, and it’s a triumphant and accomplished goal for the band.

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