Motor Sister – Get Off (Metal Blade Records)

Wednesday, 4th May 2022
Rating: 8 / 10

Expanding beyond the Mother Superior covers vibe of the debut album Ride back in 2015, Motor Sister now tackle fresh, original material for the sophomore effort Get Off. Containing dual vocalists with Pearl Aday and guitarist/singer Jim Wilson, most readers at this site will know the rest of this quintet best – guitarist Scott Ian (Anthrax), bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint/Fates Warning), and drummer John Tempesta (White Zombie/The Cult). You’ll get eleven originals as well as dusting off another Mother Superior track “Rolling Boy Blues” that showcase a blues-based heavy music foundation, chock full of catchy hooks, slamming grooves, and infectious melodies/harmonies.

The spirited back and forth riffs and lead breaks between Wilson and Ian spring from an older 70’s vibe for “Right There, Just Like That” while maintaining a calmer Thin Lizzy-esque nature on the follow-up “Sooner or Later”, Jim choosing to execute a relaxed, comfortable vibe for the verses with adequate powerhouse support from Pearl during specific lines in the verses and chorus. Channeling affinity for classic Kiss on “Time’s Up” and psychedelic Judas Priest for “Lion’s Den” – it’s as if these musicians draw inspiration from their childhood collections, bringing the seasoning, depth of experience, and songwriting acumen to these tracks. The active hands and feet of John Tempesta plus solid, pocket support from Joey Vera allows “1,000,000 Miles” and opener “Can’t Get High Enough” to cement themselves immediately into permanent approval mode – subtle in shifts without losing the focus on driving home the heavy-hitting hooks. Producer Jay Ruston (Anthrax/Steel Panther) wisely captures the crux of these songs live off the floor in the studio – only adding certain vocals and leads after the basic tracks were complete – giving this material an authenticity that would probably be lost otherwise.

A departure from the metal genre for sure, Motor Sister captures a blues-based heavy sound that set the standard for these musicians to branch off and make an impact as they developed their chops and craft. Get Off should indeed get the job done, it’s an entertaining homage to old school hard rock while being an energetic thrill ride start to finish.

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