Mother of All – Age of the Solipsist (Black Lion Records)

Wednesday, 9th June 2021
Rating: 8/10

A new Danish act, Mother of All is a death metal band that thrives on using different parts of the extreme scene to their advantage. Not something that’s particularly unheard of in this day and age, but Age of the Solipsist seems to really revel in bringing things together and making it work. Hence making it a very solid album for many walks of death metal fans.

Taking tech death and thoroughly wrapping it into a mix that includes thrash and melodic death (among other lesser ingredients), it’s a very approachable but very intricate release. Imagine a more progressive/tech layering a la Obscura with a dose of the thrashiest side of Arsis, and you can start to get a glimpse of what Mother of All has to offer. Lots of different ways to employ and inject things as well – from the driving opener “Autumn,” which utilizes some furious and thrashy riffs but still takes some time to stop and smell the roses with a gentle melody as the track progresses. “We Don’t Agree” takes the frenetic tech/prog approach with an explosive opening, and continues to sharpen a raging blade throughout. Then there’s “Blood Still Owed,” which comes across as an all-out thrasher, pissed and stewing in venom. Which then leads to the fun and upbeat closer “Feel the Pain.” The other tracks do a nice job of mixing it all together as well, and the other piece worth mentioning is Steve Di Giorgio’s basswork, which provides a notable rumble throughout.

Mother of All have a good thing going with Age of the Solipsist. They blend together plenty of thrashy and deathly modes into a very palatable offering that is intricate without going overboard, and quite energetic from start to finish. The best of many worlds all in one package.

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