Mosh-Pit Justice – Fighting the Poison (Punishment 18 Records)

Tuesday, 26th March 2019
Rating: 8/10

Upholding thrash ethics on moniker alone, Bulgaria’s Mosh-Pit Justice subscribe to a steady ascending in the underground through their recordings. Three full-lengths on three different labels since their self-released The Serpent EP in 2012, and now making another jump to Punishment 18 Records for this fourth studio platter Fighting the Poison. The trio tackle a gallop-induced formula of thrash in these eight tracks that shifts between 80’s and early 90’s-style action, developing some electric moments beyond the obvious gang vocals and serious mid-tempo transitions that catapult audience members into crazed lunatics circling and smashing into one another.

Staffa maintains double duty on guitars and drums, setting down some serious speed licks and crunchy rhythms against his steady tempos for headbanging thrillers like “God Wills It” and “Prove Your Faith” – blending together aspects of German band Paradox and the underrated Bay Area favorites Forbidden. Bassist Mariyan Georgiev doesn’t rely solely on root note supplementation – his skill set definitely higher to add a thicker, progressive-driven element to opener “Bound to Decay” that places the band in more of that Metal Church/Heathen template that comes from a power angle. Even the solo work can elevate the melodic factor – the themes catchy to match the mood and atmosphere of the individual tracks, while gaining a guest lead break spot from Forbidden’s Glen Alvelias on “God Wills It”. And when you hear the bellow and screams of Georgy, it’s evident on “In the Final of Days” the man reveres Russ Anderson, although adds a bit of a rougher accent to the proceedings to make things a little more personal.

Most thrash mavens who dig a bit more muscular riffs and sophistication around their songwriting will appreciate where Mosh-Pit Justice comes from on Fighting the Poison. They aren’t all about blazing speed or Slayer-esque wild leads – and that’s okay, as we know plenty of people on the fringes who dig something more power-based while still producing a satisfying thrash record. Now if we could only get the monkey mascot better visual time for these covers… it would be that much better of a total package.

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