Morbid Saint – Spectrum of Death (Relapse Records)

Tuesday, 26th March 2013
Rating: 8.5/10

Even though Morbid Saint only had one full-length release, the band is a definite classic in the thrash genre. Spectrum of Death is a pristine example of how to tear a person limb from limb in a musical sense. Or hey, maybe even a literal sense, as this one is just plain vicious.

It’s fantastic to have this band back together and playing live again. And they absolutely destroy live, as evidenced by their appearance at Maryland Deathfest (review delayed, but coming soon – promise). And now, thanks to the fine folks at Relapse, this landmark album is again available in vinyl. Hence the re-visit!

If Spectrum of Death hasn’t already been on your radar, then much shame on you! Morbid Saint is the definition of a cult classic. Face rippers like “Burned at the Stake,” “Assassin,” “Crying for Death,” – oh hell, the whole damn album – are all brilliant examples of what raw, unabated thrash metal is at it’s core. The riffs are monstrous, the drums are super-punchy, and the vocals have a unique snarl that IS Morbid Saint. What’s not to love?

The merits of how the vinyl itself sounds cannot be judged here, as the copy received was a digital one. However, the pluses of the format cannot be denied, as good music always sounds great on vinyl. Especially for those Blistering nuts who collect vinyl – and there are a ton of you – this is such a no-brainer. Plus, look at that ridiculous artwork. That was made for an LP. If you haven’t listened to this album before, then please, please, for the sake of everything that is awesome, just, and all that jazz, correct this awful mishap. Morbid Saint rules very hard, and Spectrum of Death definitely belongs in any thrash maniac’s collection.

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