Ministry – Adios DVD/CD (Thirteenth Planet/Megaforce Records)

Saturday, 16th March 2013
Rating: 8/10

The final salvo from Al Jourgensen and co., Adios celebrates the self-imposed end of Ministry, whose long-running career has endured tremendous highs and multiple lows. A CD/DVD (there are two) of various live performances shot during the band’s 2008 “C U LaTour,” Adios is of high quality, putting the final nail in Ministry’s coffin in a rightful and just manner.

Live, the band sounds raw and animated, the result of hours upon hours of rehearsal (as documented during DVD #2, Fuchi Requiem). With Prong mainman Tommy Victor holding down guitar duties alongside Sin Quirin, Jourgensen’s troops give volatile numbers like “Let’s Go, “Waiting” and “No W” that extra industrial adrenal boost they need.

Visually, the use of the band’s famed fence from the mid-90’s (think Psalm 69-era) allows for theatrics to enter the fray. Jourgensen rarely strays from his mic stand, which is fine, as the use of video footage and samples give the Ministry live performance a different feel altogether. Rounding set highlights include “So What,” “Thieves,” “Life Is Good” and “Just One Fix,” arguably the band’s best song.

The Fuchi Requiem is the centerpiece of this set, with exclusive interviews with all band members, as well as on-tour and rehearsal footage. Jourgensen proves to be ever the wise man at his old age (he’s over 50), while Victor and Static-X bassist Tony Campos provide more than a few worthy soundbites.

Jourgensen put Ministry to rest to “avoid making an ass out of himself” and he has succeed with Adios. The band went out with a bang, not a whimper, burned out, rather than faded away. Ok, enough with the clichés – totally mandatory for industrial metal enthusiasts and those who still find the Jourgensen’s maniacal genius of value.

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