Mechina – As Embers Turn to Dust (Self-Released)

Sunday, 15th January 2017
Rating: 8.5/10

There’s something to be said for a band that can release an album per year, just like clockwork. Come January 1st for the last few years, you could be sure that Mechina was releasing a new album to behold. This January brought about the band’s seventh album, As Embers Turn to Dust, which sounds about the way that you’d expect.

Given the quick turn around each year between records, it’s not surprising that As Embers Turn to Dust sounds a bit familiar. Let’s face it, it’s also the band’s 7th release – a rather stunning accomplishment for a band that has released all their material DIY. While the band’s sound is familiar, it’s also clear that they take the time and expand upon the formula. Last year’s Progenitor seemed to be the culmination of said movement, with a heavier focus on providing a more epic and sci-fi based landscape that melds seamlessly to an industrial and death metal template. As Embers simply continues to sweeten the deal, with some enhancements. The flow of tracks continue to improve, which is of particular interest with the band going into high conceptual material with each album – continuing to build on the narrative established in previous releases. The symphonic and industrial elements are more cinematic as well, with the blend of these elements into the band’s sound being more complimentary to the rest of the instrumentation instead of outright taking it over. It makes for a chilling experience, at both the melodic (“Division Through Distance”) and heavier ends (“Godspeed, Vanguards”). Lastly the clean vocals (both male and female) continue to improve, which adds to the emotional components of the album.

Consistency is key for Mechina at this point in the game. They continue to build upon what they’ve established while keeping the riffing/symphonic elements fresh and engaging. They are one of the best around at what they do, and it will end with the audience patiently waiting for next year’s inevitable release.

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