Mass Infection – Shadows Became Flesh (Comatose Music)

Tuesday, 4th December 2018
Rating: 7.5/10

Brutal death metal underdogs Mass Infection have always operated more in the shadows than they should likely be. While there’s nothing in the formula that others haven’t provided as well, they have been quite consistent in delivering punishing, top-rate death metal over the years. Shadows Became Flesh only serves to strengthen their legacy to those fortunate enough to stumble upon their radar.

With a sound that seems to channel the intensity and fury of Hate Eternal with the bludgeoning of Deeds of Flesh and Suffocation, Mass Infection is also championed by the power of their riffing. Brutality oozes out at every opportunity on the album (as with previous ones) but the strongest compliment to their sound is how they can vary things and keep the listener attune to their destructive war march. Not a track goes by without a few riffs that tickle the ear while being ground-stompers or exhilarating headbangers. While they aren’t afraid to dish out frenetic speed, with all-encompassing blastbeats and tightly-knit intricate riffs, they are also wise enough to be able to slow things down with some needed groove (“To the Lords of Revulsion”). It’s well-rounded, and always keeping the priority of forward movement and aggression at the forefront without becoming boring.

It’s really the attention to detail that gives Mass Infection an edge over many contemporaries – as noted, this is brutal death metal for brutality’s sake. But Mass Infection do it so well that you can’t help but get into the music from beginning to end. Sit back and enjoy the carnage.

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