ReviewsMana Diagram - Light of the Destiny (Self-Released)

Mana Diagram – Light of the Destiny (Self-Released)

Featuring two former members of Hagane (vocalist Uyu and guitarist Mayto), Mana Diagram formed last year and released their debut single “Glitter Wind” towards the end of that year. Light of the Destiny serves as their first EP release, providing 5 songs that showcase the power metal talent and potential that emanates from the Japanese act, utilizing a sound that will no doubt appeal to Hagane fans but switching the gears enough that Mana Diagram can operate in their own space that’s free of comparisons.

There’s a bit of a heavier, modern edge to what Mana Diagram is doing that separates it from more traditional power metal. When you hear the soaring riffs and Uyu’s equally soaring vocals in a song like “Jump Again!!” there’s no mistaking the power metal influences inside the band’s dynamic. But the crunchier, modern guitar sound, a more prominent bass from Yusuke, and the use of more electronic elements give Mana Diagram a delicate balance of sonic influence that widens their appeal. Said track includes some tantalizing rock attitude riffs at times, and even a near-breakdown towards it’s finale.

“Fukanzen-Go My Way” has all the makings of a power metal shredfest that would make Dragonforce proud (complete with a glorious chorus), but then a song like “Geometric” serves up some traditional sounding Japanese instrumentation at points, functions with a groove-centered focus with danceable riffing, and also showcases some of Uyu’s most impressive vocal work as she nails some astonishing high notes. “Worlds End Scene” is the slowest cut on the album, never dropping the heavy riffs but almost operating as a dreamy bit of power metal with a focus on the epic elements instead of shredding away (which they also showcase on the opening “Path Without Road.”

Light of the Destiny is an exciting first taste from an up-and-coming group with plenty of potential in their sound. Given the diversity on the EP, it’ll be interesting to see how they progress and refine their sound as they explore these avenues with more detail. But for now, Mana Diagram deliver some modern-sounding power metal that gives off all of the glorious shredding, stand-out vocals, and raw energy that fans of the genre appreciate and crave, while taking it a step further into the unknown.

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