Man Made God – Prima Materia (Self-Released)

Sunday, 24th April 2016
Rating: 7.5/10

Another case of stumbling upon something through Bandcamp, the Las Vegas atmospheric deathcore crew of Man Made God got a closer look due to that killer artwork that adorns its cover. Those already cringing due to the mere mention of the word ‘deathcore’ will be pleased to know that Man Made God is not one of those bands that operate only to unleash massive breakdowns at every possible moment. There’s some atmosphere and melodic chops to add in as well to paint a more diverse picture.

No doubt about it, the first impression of Prima Materia is going to be that of its heaviness. Hitting play on “Source” will build a bit of atmosphere to start but when the guitars settle into their rightful position, they are the main draw. Plenty of mid-tempo crunch alongside some monstrous growls and some modern synth sets the stage before they lower you into a breakdown. This is the key factor here – they build up the music before they toss a breakdown at you. It feels natural and it’s never a gimmick or crutch. Because of this, they are quite massive when they happen. See “Goliath” for an appropriate name in this regard. But then the track follows with some atmospheric melodies to build character (and a bit of a sci-fi feel). The whole thing feels very well-rounded. There’s some nice galloping melodies to “Gautama” that balance blastbeats in a way that almost feels more melodic death metal than anything else. It’s these little pieces that add up to a feeling that may stay in familiar territory, but it’s rather effectively done.

Nice to hear such a young band get it right in terms of an approach – this is a very balanced and brutal affair beginning to end. The breakdowns are massive, the melodies hit the spot, and the atmosphere is a nice enhancer. Much potential to be unlocked from these guys as they progress.

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