Maelstrom – It Was Predestined (Itchy Metal Entertainment)

Wednesday, 27th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

A clap of thunder is all you need to start an album sometimes, you know? It’s probably the most used introductory method in metal, specifically power metal, a style that leaves itself with two choices: Medieval old dude voiceover…or clap of thunder. And so this is how Maelstrom’s 3-song It Was Predestined EP begins. Guess Christopher Lee wasn’t available.

Originally circulated as a demo in 2008/2009 (read: it was more than likely posted on Myspace), It Was Predestined has been picked up for an official digital release by Itchy Metal Entertainment. Aside from the head-scratching business maneuver, Maelstrom revels in dramatic power metal, sounding heavier than meets the eye, with plenty of pop coming on “Arise” and “A Futile Crusade.” Rounds of Yngwie-style guitar action highlight “Predestined,” so it’s proof positive that the Maelstrom dudes don’t mess around when it comes to aggressive power metal.

The type of band that if asked, would probably say they’d want a castle on stage if they could have their ideal concert set up, Maelstrom has the right amount of flair to appeal to the symphonic/power metal crowd. These three songs are packed to the gills with riffs, arpeggios and dramatic vocals…a full album could be an interesting prospect.

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