Locusta – Dendromorphosis (Self Released)

Wednesday, 28th May 2014
Rating: 7/10

After a 2010 debut, Locusta quickly disappeared from the scene. Dendromorphosis serves as a quick re-introduction (or probably just a proper introduction for most) to the band. Featuring three of the bonus tracks off of 2010’s Locusta as well as one new song (which will appear on their second album, set to appear before the end of 2014), there’s not really a wealth of material to peruse.

Locusta combine some progressive and technical aspects into their death metal, alongside some melodies and occasional thrash. Think about combining Suffocation, The Chasm, and Death with some occasional references to At The Gates and this might paint a clearer picture. The new track, “Contaminant Remains,” is rather short. At only 2:19, it feels like tease rather than a taste. What’s there is solid though, with several progressive flourishes throughout the mostly mid-paced effort. Speaking of Death, there is an enjoyable cover of “See Through Dreams” that hits all of the proper marks. “The Cull” feels the true standout track of the EP, with the longest running time and plenty of breathing room. Going from mid-tempo deathly grooves to some At the Gates-esque thrashing to a melodic solo, while keeping flow and coherence in check is masterful.

There’s nothing on Dendromorphosis that lacks inspiration but with just one new two-minute track, it’s hard to give a solid recommendation. It works as a decent sampler to those who may be unfamiliar with the band, but outside of that, it’s just too short. Perhaps seek out Locusta if this sounds promising or wait around for the second full-length later this year to give the band your full attention.

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