Kyng – Burn the Serum (Razor & Tie)

Wednesday, 30th April 2014
Rating: 8/10

First introductions with California’s Kyng more than likely came in the form of their various opening spots for Clutch, In Flames, and Megadeth. The variety of these headline acts suggests that Kyng has no proper bin to fall into, which is fairly accurate – they’re just straight-up rock, which as simpleton as it sounds, is true. While their Trampled Sun debut failed to capture the four-on-the-floor, bereft of bell-bottom, king (with an “i”)-sized sound so worthy in the live arena, Burn the Serum makes proper amends. In turn, it’s one of the year’s best firm and unflinching heavy rock albums.

A trio comprised of Eddie Veliz (guitars/vocals), Pepe Clarke (drums), and Tony Casteneda (bass), Kyng’s full course, meat-and-potatoes approach bares zero geographical limitations. As in, you can’t peg this as So Cal surfer dude rock, nor does it poach from the South. The hot-rockin’ surge of the opening title track along with album standout “Lost One” are broad, hook-infused cuts, led by the throaty radio roar of Veliz, who routinely sings his you-know-what off. The Sabbath drawl of “Self Medicated Man,” along with the down-trodden, thoughtful pace of “Sewn Shut” are also of immense value, the latter a would-be barnstormer.

Loads of juice (whoa, easy there), hooks, and octopus arms in the Clutch, Kyuss, Sabbath, and even Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity camps, Burn the Serum is an early career-breaker for Kyng. Think of it this way: They’ve already done hard time as an opener, learning the ropes, and building a fanbase. All they needed was an album to back it all up. Mission accomplished. Kyng are metal’s one-size-fits-all rock band.

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