Khrigarhieta – Khrigarhieta (Self-Released)

Tuesday, 26th November 2019
Rating: 8/10

While the name Khrigarhieta may not mean much to many, when you add in that this is a solo effort from Theory in Practice’s Andreas Lyngmo, it may find more gravitas. While said act was always a bit more technical in nature, there were some more melodic death metal-esque elements as the band progressed. Khrigarhieta nestles in completely with the melodeath format, and is absolutely packed with killer melodies to discover.

There are six songs to be hand in the twenty minute runtime of Khrigarhieta, which means they more or less go full-throttle. There’s no extra fluff to be had, and it works. The melodic death metal framework is readily apparent, moving closer towards the golden era of the genre (as opposed to the later, more pop-infused variety). Snappy melodies introduce the first track, “Between Worlds,” and also show some of the almost folky aspects Lyngmo leans into. Mid-tempo melodies swirl around solid growls/barks, while some lighter synthwork elevates the material without moving too far into the forefront. Things get more upbeat and thrashy with “The One With the Key,” and goes the closest to clean vocals in the chorus – tastefully and effectively done. “Children of the Dandelion” sits as the current favorite, with it’s glorious melodic opening before barreling into chunky and galloping riffing (and later returns to said triumphant melody) and incorporating some folky elements into the mix.

Easily recommendable for those who enjoy melodic death metal, this is a cut of purity from Khrigarhieta. The short time-frame allows for a strong focus on leads and melodies, and it makes great use of hitting the listener with an almost constant barrage of some great ones. Gloriously catchy material that keeps the energy level high from beginning to end.

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