ReviewsKerry King – From Hell I Rise (Reigning Phoenix Music)

Kerry King – From Hell I Rise (Reigning Phoenix Music)

Debate already came through all sides of the internet when hearing that Slayer disbanded and guitarist Kerry King would assemble a new band to continue forward under his own moniker. Ok. So let’s just stop all the nonsense and see what’s going on with Kerry King and his debut album From Hell I Rise, whaddaya say? I know a lot of talking heads have had a lot to say, even before note one was released. You’d think this was a decade ago and we were forced to watch LeBron’s “decision” on ESPN (OY!)

We’ve got Mr. King, Phil Demmel (guitar), Paul Bostaph(drums), Kyle Sanders (bass), and vocal God Mark Osegueda handling the singing. And the results are a goddamn embarrassment of riches! Right from the jump we’ve got “Where I Reign” and “Residue” guaranteed to wreck some necks. Next up is the killer tune “Idle Hands”, one I loved from first spin. “Trophies of the Tyrant” has been my favorite since I got the album. The riff on that thing is like a hot knife through butter, and the lead break is pretty sweet. “Crucifation” is a straight up neck wrecker and if the band doesn’t play it live on their summer tour, then I don’t know my business.

Another gem was “Tension” due to its atmosphere and evil feel. Meanwhile “Everything I Hate About You” and “Toxic” sound very Slayer-esque. Is this bad? Hell, no!! These just happen to be the tunes I’ve banged my head most to. “Two Fists” will give you two black eyes and a bloody lip, all before 9 a.m. and “From Hell I Rise” is the rage of ragers. All in all, this is an awesome record. I am so glad I’ve had it for a month now, and I can honestly say From Hell I Rise is one of 2024’s best, believe me.

Standout Tracks: All of them!

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9.5 / 10