Jute Gyte – Vast Chains (Self Released)

Monday, 14th April 2014
Rating: 8/10

Admittedly, when you see a song title like “Semen Dried into the Silence of Rock and Mineral,” you just have to stop what you are doing and give it a listen. But be warned, once you enter the eerie, microtonal world of the insanely prolific Jute Gyte (22 full-length albums since 2006), your views on music will be severely warped.

Using a complete 24 tones, Vast Chains is full of some of the creepiest dissonance you may have heard. Combine it with some polyrhythms, drum machine blasts, and some psychotic screaming, it may be one of the most off-kilter and abrasive albums you have the privilege (yes, consider it a privilege) of hearing. At the beginning, it feels like maybe you aren’t listening to the music at the right speed, kind of like a jack in the box that has started to slow down or break.

The strangest sensation that occurs while listening to Vast Chains is how the microtonal riffing and downright strange atmosphere start to sound normal a few songs in. The surprise factor begins to fade away and the entire thing starts to become trance-inducing and hypnotic in a way. “Flux and Permanence” is a great example of this, putting you into ‘the zone’ towards the end of the song only to snap you out of it with some equally odd mechanized effects. The chord progressions that begin “Endless Moths Swarming” originally almost seem comical yet start to become strangely melodic after you’ve heard them a few times. It is also necessary to commend the lyrics, which nicely complement the bonkers music with an eloquence that allows for some thought on behalf of the listener.

It will take a certain mindset and persistence to truly ‘get’ what Jute Gyte is doing with Vast Chains and give it a few listens. While it will give many a headache with it’s particular brand of crazy, the experimental aspects are too well done to ignore. This is truly an uncompromising band that sounds like no other, how many other bands can claim that in this day and age?

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