Jarhead Fertilizer – Product of My Environment (Closed Casket Activities)

Sunday, 21st February 2021
Rating: 7.5/10

In a quick, hot take it seemed like the logo and design of this one was going to lead it into stoner doom territory. That couldn’t have been further from the truth, as Jarhead Fertilizer are an amalgamation of death and grind in the grittiest of ways. It’s knuckle-draggingly primitive at times and always brutal. A combination for some savage destruction if that’s what you are into.

Ultra brutal vocals and churning riffs at times gives Jarhead Fertilizer an Incantation or even Mortician-like quality to them, but that’s not the only trick they have up their sleeve. Explosive bursts of grind come into play, and spark some real energy into things – “Trials and Tribulations” features some good ole mid-tempo chugging but then in snaps fingers and instantly leaps into blastbeats and more chaotic riffing, only to return to slower tempos but with a greater sense of urgency behind it. Only 3 of the songs measure above 2-minutes, so these are frenetic in their approach. They cut straight to the bone, instantly hitting the listener in the chest in their attack, such as the quick run upto blasting of “Paranoia Sleep” at its onset. The slower grooves are what end up holding the tracks together because of this. There’s an odd hookiness to the band in these tempos, as it’s most certainly brutal but catches the ear with the riffs, with “Embedded in Your Mind” having a share of particularly memorable ones that also double as a battering ram.

A short overall run gives Product of My Environment a positive outlook, as it never grows stale as the band constantly hits you with either frantic grind eruptions or downright bludgeoning death metal groove. Jarhead Fertilizer may be a new name, but they are quickly establishing themselves as a name to watch in the extreme community.

Jarhead Fertilizer on Bandcamp

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