Inferion – Aborted by the Sun (Self-Released)

Tuesday, 26th March 2013
Rating: 7/10

Hard drive crashes. Aren’t they the worst? Ask Inferion main dude Nick Reyes and he’ll tell you, for in 2003, a proposed album under the Farewell My Angel banner was lost thanks to a fire that destroyed Reyes’ hard drive. After recently rediscovering the files (by a small miracle, apparently), Reyes has re-recorded the material and put it under the Inferion name, where upon Aborted by the Sun is finally seeing the…light of day. That was an easy pun.

The circumstances in which Aborted by the Sun was recorded a bit different than the norm, for Reyes is a member of the United States military and is an Iraqi war veteran. While stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, Reyes found the time to lay down the six tracks that comprise of Aborted by the Sun, with the end result being a relatively promising, but inconsistent display of extreme melodic death metal. Reyes has little problem spitting out frenetic and speedy melodies, most of which are easy to latch onto (see: “My Hydrogen Bomb” and “Burn Away the Memory”), but the clicky drum machine and rough production job leaves a lot to be desired.

Some of the songs clip before they sound like they’re supposed to end, which might not be Reyes’s fault given his recording situation. Tough things to overlook in this glossy, overproduced environment, so one will have to take this at face value for what it is: an album borne out of unconventional circumstances, and from a mind that has seen more atrocities than any normal death metal album could detail.

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