Hyperia – Insanitorium (Sliptrick Records)

Thursday, 9th January 2020
Rating: 8.5/10

Establishing themselves quickly with last year’s Fish Creek Frenzy debut EP (previously reviewed on this site), Hyperia waste no time getting a full-length follow-up for Insanitorium to the public. Gaining the attention of Sliptrick Records, these ten tracks consist of seven new songs and the three previous EP cuts with slight tweaks, additions or modifications and continue the band’s penchant for melodic thrash put through some extreme punk, death, and aggressive nuances for primal, neck-wrecking results.

The maniacal, multi-dimensional approach singer Marlee Ryley employs probably gains the initial lion’s share of attention during your first few passes of the record. She can hit those searing melodic high notes when called for – and then turn on a dime and deliver this bone-chilling scream or crazy, deep bellow from the grave, both aspects making “Asylum” and the stop/start groove-monster “Unleash the Pigs” first half highlights. Attention to the minor details also aids the Hyperia cause for distinction – from specific slamming ride cymbal hits, the double barrel rhythms and frenetic lead break tendencies, as well as fluid bass play from time to time, there are plenty of specific moments to latch upon and discover beyond the solid main hooks. Guitarists Colin Ryley and David Kupisz pick key moments to exude power, strength and stellar harmonization – check out “Nullified” and blistering “The Scratches on the Wall” for prolific axe execution and melodic, catchy moments that work seamlessly. The dynamic abilities of the group to inject power movements for “Contagion” and melodic death/extreme picking/tempos during “Starved by Guilt” expand their obvious thrash base, which takes into account Bay Area heroes like Slayer, Metallica, as much as say Skeletonwitch for a current reference point.

Insanitorium will get the blood flow going and cause massive pit eruption when Hyperia tear up the stage – and that’s what the best thrash of any kind should achieve. Keeping their eyes on the prize with creative flourishes in a brief two-year window since forming, the future looks very bright for these Canadians as more people flock to the band’s addictive, pounding style.

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