Hyperia – Fish Creek Frenzy (Self-Released)

Tuesday, 30th April 2019
Rating: 8/10

Always on the quest for fresh blood, Hyperia from Calgary, Canada came across this scribe’s social media platform feeds and investigation took place to track down their debut three song EP, entitled Fish Creek Frenzy. Forming in 2018 and having previous ties to everything from folk metal to melodic death and black styles, the five-piece decided to develop a more melodic/groove-oriented blend of thrash while also injecting some previous influences as extra spice on top of the proceedings. Considering the band put out this EP less than six months after inception, it’s refreshing to see people putting their heads and hearts to the grindstone and churning out material right away – even if it’s at a teaser length while the band establish their presence on the live market.

The multi-layered delivery and chameleon-like, switch on a dime template employed by singer Marlee Ryley grabs the lion’s share of attention on initial passes – and subsequent time allows the listener to truly understand her clean to extreme passionate execution. Somewhat punk, somewhat death, as well as adding in the ear-piercing melodic highs when called for – she carries abundant energy and exuberance evident throughout the title track as well as the speedy, crunchy wallop for closer “Evil Insanity”. Imagine everything from Brittney Slayes to Wendy O. Williams or a clearer Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, and it’s easy to tell the game changing facet Marlee brings for the band. Adequately the music lives up to the marquee – twin guitar harmonies and intricate licks give “Mad Trance” a bit of that early Bay Area meets NWOBHM texture, Colin Ryley and David Kupisz wielding axes of steel as neoclassical like flurries pop in and out against the shapeshifting tempo and rhythm foundation. It’s as if Hyperia take these songs just to the edge of falling off a cliff, only to steer them back on course through a melodic hook before slamming the listener again with an aggressive part ensuring unlimited adrenaline-fueled pleasure.

Already hard at work on a full-length follow-up, Fish Creek Frenzy comes at a solid name your price offering through their Bandcamp. You’d be wise to throw a few bucks their way, as this is primal melodic thrash with passion, power, and a take no prisoners attitude that should put Hyperia hot on the metal map globally.

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