Horrid – Sacrilegious Fornication (Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Wednesday, 21st May 2014
Rating: 7/10

Score another hit for the retro-death movement!  What’s this you say?  Horrid has been around since 1989!  Okay, so that gives them a bit of a jump in the credibility department as opposed to the “reproducing like evil bunnies” bands set to conquer the primitive death metal world that seem to pop up everywhere lately.  Even if Sacrilegious Fornication is only their third full-length (their first came about in 2002 for the curious minds), time is clearly on their side.

Of course, the obligatory Autopsy, Entombed, and Death references work as well here as they do anywhere else.  The band even saw fit to record at the legendary Sunlight Studios with Thomas Skogsberg at the helm to give it that ‘classic’ sound.  That being said, the band never reduces themselves to “rip-off artists” and while the mostly fast-paced journey does sound familiar, they pull in enough of their own vibe to make it a worthy listen.  “Blood on Satan’s Claw” and “Goddess of Heretical Perversity” lead the charge with their full-speed ahead approach, but Horrid avoid boredom trappings by injecting songs with catchy grooves and melodies.  While “Demonic Sadocarnage” is the groovy champion, “Vortex of Primordial Chaos” and “Diocletianic Persecution” toss in some equally tasty mid-tempo riffs and melodies that will grab your interest.

Sacrilegious Fornication isn’t the type of album that’s going to knock anybody off their rocker, but it’s well written and entertaining for those that enjoy the sound.  Not to mention a few added bonuses.  Interment vocalist Johan Johannson lends his throat to “The Fire of Impenitence” to make for a nice vocal combination.  There is also a cover of Hellhammer’s “Massacra” as well.  Bottom line: Solid, yet not earth shattering.

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