Hellsaw – Trist (Napalm Records)

Sunday, 24th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Black metal bands are smarter than we give them credit for. They do a better job of disguising their influences than most; able to mask their variousmusical deficiencies by slapping them together like a BLT sandwich. In turn, a band like Austria’s Hellsaw has come to master this approach and on their fourth album Trist, they manage to squeak out a half-dozen songs that skim the bounds of virtually every style of Scandinavian black metal.

The band has a large disposal of aching, dissonant riffs at their disposal, and right off the bat on “The Devil Is Calling My Name,” Hellsaw creates a creepy, crawling atmosphere via a droned out main riff that heads off into the cut of blast-happy BM. “Sorrow is Horror” and “Doom Pervades Nightmares” follow suit, with the latter being one of the album’s better cuts thanks to a barrage of ominous riffing and a pace that would suit early Burzum quite well.

Hellsaw tries its hand at rocked-out BM on “The Forerunner of the Apocalypse,” and melodic black metal on the title track, and album closer “Silence,” a song that is the biggest departure from the album’s nine tracks. In fact, “Silence” eeks out almost a positive and harmonious tone, one that is too sunny for black metal and is highlighted by singer Aries’ cries of “I long to be free.” Easily the album’s high-point and a sign of how mal-formed and effective Hellsaw’s approach to black metal is.

Like their 2009 album Cold, Hellsaw with Trist managed to churn out a redeemable, but hardly inventive affair. As much as black metal needs more break-out bands, it also needs bands like Hellsaw, who appear to be more than comfortable holding up the style’s grand traditions…by not breaking from tradition.


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