Helevorn – Aamamata (Solitude Productions)

Sunday, 20th January 2019
Rating: 8.5/10

While Helevorn have gained an underdog status for their committed to making albums at their own pace, it has always come with the notion that when they have a new release, it will be worth the wait. Previous releases have established this for over a decade now, and Aamamata holds itself up to the same high level of scrutiny as can be imagined, providing world class death/doom sure to tug on the heartstrings.

If there’s one emotion that Helevorn really nail down, it’s sorrow. Aamamata is an experience that oozes with desolation and gloom, yet still provides that slightly uplifting feeling at the end of the day. Bone-crushing riffs that reverberate with emotion join up with some more introspective moments (see “Goodbye, Hope”) to bring in the contrast that bands like Daylight Dies and Novembers Doom have done so well, yet the structuring of both gives Helevorn a little wiggle room to reach for their own sweet spot. A variety of vocals also aids in this, with everything from massive roars to gentle cleans and spoken word (and some occasional female cleans) all manage to hit their mark with passion. The fusion of everything makes longer cuts like “Aurora” into something truly special, as they hit a more massive mark and occasionally swing into almost cinematic feelings with their atmosphere (the quiet “La Sibil-la” being a perfect finishing note). The keys have an integral part in all of this, even if they don’t end up being the major player, they do a great job of adding into the feeling of the album while keeping the spotlight on the excellent riffs.

Helevorn’s brand of doomy death metal is no less compelling and haunting than anything else they’ve released. Aamamata is the type of album that will stick with you far after it ends, and the perfect complement to the more isolated and reflective winter season.

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