Headfist – This New World… (Self-Released)

Wednesday, 30th November 2022
Rating: 7.5 / 10

Sometimes challenges occur in finding passionate, committed musicians to cohesively agree to a style, cause, plus the hard work ethic it takes to get a band off the ground. Chile thrash metal act Headfist knows this all too well – guitarist Cristobal Perez forming the group, and continually moving forward despite the lack of passion or differences in ideas that take place with other members. This New World… is a six-track EP, the recordings completed with a session vocalist and drummer while hopefully showcasing his skills to the world strong enough to secure permanent membership down the line.

The songwriting and performances combine numerous aspects of an old school platform as far as the rhythms, transitions, and standard verse/chorus/instrumental section arrangement format – Christobal incorporating a mix of influences across the US/European scene from traditional metal to power/thrash. The man has excellent lead break skills, delivering energetic finger flying escapades with grace and tact as “Instinct to Kill” is a flashy standout in this regard. The chugging main hooks for “Reign of Treason” should sit well with all early thrash metalheads, as the jackhammer nature recalls early Metallica and Overkill, the mid-tempo groove twist tailor-made for pit hungry mongers, while the slightly progressive instrumental section hints at Iron Maiden meets Testament during their prime. Session singer Michel Hoogervorst from the Netherlands has an interesting voice – he can hit those bird call eagle highs in melodic fashion, while also be very gritty in a mid-range, forceful way, recalling Joey Belladonna on “This World” or the call and response closer “Headfist”.

Headfist is another labor of love to a primitive form of 80’s melodic thrash, featuring a lot of traditional gallops / hooks that younger bands maybe don’t take as much into account anymore. This New World… won’t exactly change the metal landscape, but it gets the job done for those who enjoy solid riffs, powerful vocals, and the spirit of the Bay Area scene.

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