ReviewsGory Blister – The Fifth Fury (Sliptrick Records)

Gory Blister – The Fifth Fury (Sliptrick Records)

Another one of those long-standing bands that never seems to break through, Italy’s Gory Blister have been at the technical death metal game since 1991 (though they never released an album until 1999). Why it never happened is anyone’s guess, sometimes it’s just the luck, or lack thereof, that keeps some worthy bands out of the spotlight while others bask in it.

As a band that has been established for decades, “Italian death metal” in regards to Gory Blister is not used in the same sense as the cranial-exploding speed and technicality of the current crop (Hour of Penance, Bloodtruth, Hideous Divinity). This is more old school and “controlled” chaos, particularly in regards to even some of their older albums. The Fifth Fury is a bit more streamlined than past efforts, but don’t worry there’s still plenty of technically proficient riffs to tickle your ears. However, what it drops in technicality, it gains in some more vicious aggression, groove, and “in your face” attitude. All in all, it makes for a more cohesive listen, and one that’s less likely to bore you due to overtly technical madness.

While Gory Blister continues to do their thing, one does wonder why many haven’t picked up on them more. Their mix of Carcass and Death elements are excellent, and truthfully, there are even parts of The Fifth Fury that sound like a more death metal driven Arch Enemy. It’s a catchy mix, particularly for the death metal genre, and done without the cries of watering down or mellowing their edge. Fans of technically infused yet memorable death metal would do well to check this one out.

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