Godslave – Positive Aggressive (Metalville)

Monday, 2nd August 2021
Rating: 8.5/10

Active as far back as 2000-07 as Slavery, German thrash act Godslave have a potent, crushing style that is now onto its sixth studio record with Positive Aggressive. Previously releasing records on European labels like SAOL, Day One Records, and Green Zone Music, stepping up to Metalville should give the quintet more of a wider promotional scope. Throughout the initial and subsequent listens to these ten tracks, it’s very evident that these gentlemen understand the requisite finesse, power, and performance aspects to siphon their songwriting into manageable, catchy arrangements chock full of memorable hooks, solid choruses, and supplementary flashy elements.

The cleaner lead tones and precision rhythm-oriented guitar play between Bernhard Lorig and Manuel Zewe come from a power/progressive angle – artists like Heathen, Xentrix, and Artillery spring to the forefront when hearing a lot of their fundamentals as far as down picking, harmony extensions, and crunchy main parts to “Flap of a Wing” and “See Me in a Crown”. The explosive fills and double kick/snare abilities from Tobias Huwig appear instantly in the first musical barrage for “How About No” – going toe to toe with the frantic, impassioned verse/chorus delivery Thomas A Pickard employs. Fluctuating between the speedier, heads down numbers to sprinkle in a mid-tempo stomper like “King Kortex” ensures little ear fatigue, these musicians well aware of the need for dynamics in attack to change up the feel from track to track. Everything from specific bends/sweeps, wah-wah accentuation, gang-choruses all enhance the foundation so that Godslave can concentrate on delivering the best vocal/music combinations – making “Show Me Your Scars” and the title cut two highlights that demand adrenaline fueled activities whenever aired.

Perfect for vinyl fanatics at 43 minutes and change, Positive Aggressive is in the wheelhouse for those who love the semi-progressive, slightly sophisticated aspects to thrash that provide many musicianship-oriented ‘wow’ moments listeners crave. Many people (like this scribe) may be digging deeper into this back catalog, as this meets most ideal metal maniacs’ desires when it comes to the genre.

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