Gloom – Doggod (Morbid Shine Productions)

Thursday, 3rd September 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

Genre bastardization and blurring is all but inevitable nowadays. After exhausting the tropes of each particular “genre,” it’s time to start meshing the parts that you like and putting things together in new and intriguing ways. Spain’s Gloom already understands the value in this. Doggod, the band’s second full-length, carries influences from several genres in an attempt to avoid comparisons to other bands.

While Gloom are working with familiar elements, it is a challenge to really sit down and note other bands that sound similar. Truthfully, this is their best asset. They borrow traits from death metal, grindcore, and black metal in doses that differ with each track (as well as the moment). There’s the ripping grind of “M.D.M.,” the symphonic intro to “Mass Infection” that leads into some black-ish melodies and later death metal groove, and the black/death combo of “Mater Tenebrarum XIII” just for starters. There’s a good chunk of dynamics at play from track to track, which helps to keep things moving despite the often fast approach. If there is one small knock, it’s the sometimes “bree” vocals that are a stark reminder that this has a bit of a newer feel to it. Nothing of the vocals are particularly bad, and there is plenty of variety that coincides with the music, so it’s certainly not make or break.

There’s a lot of promise here on Doggod. Fast and frenzied, yet with enough dynamic to keep things from getting dull for a moment. Gloom is onto something here with their approach, and continuing to do so (and further diversifying their palette) will surely see this band rise among the ranks.

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