Frosttide – Decedents – Enshrined (Out of Line Music)

Tuesday, 27th November 2018
Rating: 7.5/10

Coming in with a sound similar to acts like Wintersun or Brymir, Frosttide have been executing symphonic melodic death metal for close to a decade at this point. They’ve released two full-length albums, in addition to some EPs and a single (from which this scribe first checked them out). Decedents was released earlier this year independently, and now comes back around with an instrumental version as an attached bonus courtesy of Out of Line Music.

Given the ability to have an instrumental version of this EP immediately grants the notion that this isn’t going to be a poppy, vocal-forward type of melodic death metal. Of course, citing the two bands above also stays in line with that same message. Frosttide play a rather bombastic style of melodeath, with keys carrying just as much weight in the overall formula as that of the rest of the band. The orchestrations are indeed quite excellent, creating a solid vibe of glorious atmospheres for the band to play off of. The riffing can accelerate to some pretty rapid speeds on occasion, which is another big plus for the band. It’s energetic and thrashy, and when they slow things down they can complement that aspect with some equally enjoyable heaviness to the material. But in either scenario, the melodies are catchy and standout, sometimes mixing in with the synths but always ready to send some uplifting vibes that genre fans will no doubt enjoy.

For melodic death metal fans that enjoy a bombastic approach that occasionally gives way to a slight folky feel, you can’t go wrong with Frosttide. While the similarities to other acts in the genre are present (some more individualized moments would qualify as the only spot for improvement here), it’s still some well-written stuff. Decedents has all of the over the top fun that you are looking for.

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