ReviewsFragments of Unbecoming – Perdition Portal (Apostasy Records)

Fragments of Unbecoming – Perdition Portal (Apostasy Records)

2018 is certainly becoming a solid year for melodic death metal comebacks. We’ve already been able to savor some quality goods from bands like Night in Gales and The Absence, and now it seems that Fragments of Unbecoming have arisen from their slumber to bring forth their sixth album, Perdition Portal. Incidentally, the first release they’ve had without a “chapter” associated with it.

Those familiar with Fragments of Unbecoming’s formula are bound to be happy with what they are offering with Perdition Portal. All of the parts that fans craved (admittedly, the band was more of a cult favorite compared to bands like Dark Tranquillity or In Flames) from their previous material are all very clear to hear and readily apparent. They always held to the more brutal end of the genre, and the blastbeats and energetic pacing is an immediate highlight as “Dismal” kicks things into gear. Other songs like “Abyssphere” and “Morbid Divinity” offer gripping and frantic riffing that’s full of juicy melodies that have no trouble standing out even amid the unrelenting tempo. The melodies are a real treat (as they have been in the past), and it’s not all a speed-rush, with more mid-tempo bruising from “Golgotha” and the title track providing some balance. The band is highly attuned to the old school Gothenburg-esque sound, and amid the more modern denizens, it’s refreshing to hear something rooted in the heroics of the old while keeping things decidedly brutal and urgent in tone.

It may be true that Perdition Portal sees Fragments of Unbecoming stick to what has already worked best to them, but there’s also a reason for it. Some may have overlooked them when the melodic death metal movement was a bit oversaturated, but they’ve managed to stick around beyond the competition. Most likely due to their exhilarating mix of blazing speed and melodic currents – if you’ve missed out, there’s never been a better opportunity to dive into the band.

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