Fisthammer – Infallible (Self Released)

Sunday, 30th March 2014
Rating: 9/10

Is Pennsylvania becoming a metal hot bed?  Within the last year, we’ve had some breakout successes from Rivers of Nihil and Black Crown Initiate.  If Infallible does anything for fellow PA’ers Fisthammer, it should give them the next big breakthrough.  Simply put, Infallible is a crushing piece of death metal that is practically begging to be heard.

On paper, the formula for Fisthammer doesn’t exactly seem daring yet it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Infallible does its best work by acting as a huge metallic blender.  The overall feel of the band deftly gels between a modern and classic vibe, knowing exactly the right pieces to keep things interesting and strikingly fresh.  The mixture of technical, progressive, melodic, and groove-laden death metal also treads the familiar yet melds to offer a unique vibe that is complemented by just a pinch of black metal and occult atmosphere.  The vocals also lend a hand with variety, shifting from low bellows to some higher register rasps, completely hitting the needed marks.

There are straight-ahead visceral blasting numbers like “Evoking the Wrath of the Revenants” that would make Behemoth and Hate Eternal grin, while the Dying Fetus-esque groove of “Temple of Poseidon” and massively heavy crawl towards the finish of “Dismal Inveracity” are sure to bring about a sore neck the following day.  Then there is the acoustic and occultish ending to “Arithmos Tou Theriou” and black metal inspired tremolo picking of “Conjuration of the Fire God” just in case you thought things were getting too bland.  The songs provide a roller-coaster ride of a journey, not settling for a hodge-podge of influences, which is key ingredient to Fisthammer’s success.

With Infallible now in their back pocket, it seems more a question of when rather than if Fisthammer secures a deal with a major label.  Once the word gets around about them, look for Fisthammer’s stock to rise quite a bit.  Absolutely exciting death metal doesn’t come around every day.

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