Falls of Rauros – Believe in No Coming Shore (Bindrune Recordings)

Thursday, 11th September 2014
Rating: 9/10

Come on, it’s Falls of Rauros we’re talking about. All who have been previously captivated by their majestic tunes probably already got their eyes set on their forthcoming album, Believe in No Coming Shore. For those unfamiliar with Falls of Rauros, in short they’re an astounding folk black metal group from Maine with legendary Lord of the Rings reverence. Typically I am unimpressed by theme/worship bands, especially based on books or films, but I absolutely adore Falls of Rauros.

The album brings in-depth listeners into a journey through nature-raveled black metal enchantment. The songs are ideally arranged because the sequence allows listeners to smoothly drift through the album, most of which seem to have a slightly more consistent use of tremolo than past works. Mixed and tuned very nicely too, not too much treble or too sharp of piercing pitches but enough to create a misty, bristly and bitterly cold feeling. Aaron’s voice is as shrilling as ever, so much so listeners unfamiliar with this particular style of metal may be too tender for it but that’s how we know he’s doing it right, howling his screams at the highest pitches. Falls of Rauros’ music is like the coldest weather conditions that some people are allured to while others are deferred, of course the former relish in every moment of this bittersweet beauty.

In “Waxen Voices,” the acoustic guitar strums like a whispered lullaby. “Spectral Eyes” has an intensely high spirit with an ultimately ecstatic introduction. The magnificent “Ancestors of Smoke” and “Ancestors of Water” are particularly eye-snatching because of the parallel titles as well as equally stunning compositions, both full of mesmeric riffs that engulf listeners into the tune. Of course, regardless of the entire album’s excellence, they saved the best for last. The lovely title song, “Believe in No Coming Shore,” is made of pure instrumental emotion and no words are needed to feel the mood.

Once you’ve fallen into Falls of Rauros, it’s hard to stop listening and even harder to become un-lost in their music. Believe in No Coming Shore is breathtaking and astounding as their previous works and, like the other albums, is a work of art worth having. Nobody does nature-raveled, acoustic, folky black metal like Falls of Rauros do.

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