Fall – The Insatiable Weakness (Self-Released)

Friday, 8th January 2016
Rating: 9/10

Initially checking out Fall’s 2012 EP due to Bjorn Strid’s involvement on the track “From Ashes,” the wait for The Insatiable Weakness has proved itself to be a long one. The band’s debut full-length has been worth the wait however, and also includes another Soilwork factor into the mix this time – session drums from Dirk Verbeuren. But don’t expect too many Soiwork-isms here.

The greatest compliment that The Insatiable Weakness can be given is how dynamic it is. One can tell that it falls into the melodic death metal category, but it’s not content with falling into a real particular niche. Fall can bring things into ‘grab you by the throat’ brutality with thunderous blastbeats and aggressive thrash riffing at one particular moment, and turn around and deliver an uber-melodic chorus the next (see “Soul Ignition” for proof). But don’t expect the clean vocals in said chorus to be the overtly sugary type. There’s a unique approach to the cleans that may take a few listens to adjust to (a few moments recall the excellent Fall of the Leafe in this regard), but are immensely satisfying without resorting to the easy, commercial route. A somewhat dark and atmospheric mood still remains at these points, giving an almost melancholic spin at some points (particularly with the keys). At the more brutal end of the spectrum, you can hear a call back to the thrashy and blast-centered approach of bands like Detonation and the variety of shouts and roars keeps the vocals just as compelling. You’ll find interesting leads a-plenty as well, delivering some real rippers (“Ever Hollow”) as well as more melodic and atmospheric ones (“Desolation”) as you go from beginning to end.

The Insatiable Weakness is an album that aims to please melodic death metal fans who want their dose of catchy melodies with equal portions of thrashy goodness. Impressive to have their own spin on putting together the tried and true format on their first offering, the skies the limit here. Melodic death metal that delivers a genuine ass-kicking at the same time.

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