Evile – Infected Nations (Earache Records)

Saturday, 16th March 2013
Rating: 6/10

What’s the old cliché of the rock business? You have forever to write your first album but six months to capture magic in a bottle for the follow-up? UK thrashers Evile hit the scene running with 2007’s Enter the Grave, receiving decent praise for their blend of Slayer, Metallica and Annihilator as well as classic Flemming Rasmussen rhythmic riff-heavy production values. Evile took 2008 to crisscross the European continent, opening for acts from Megadethto Satyricon in preparation for its second offering, Infected Nations.

The first two songs “Infected Nation” and “Demolition” proceed with conventional speed parts or Metallica …And Justice for All-era up and down chord sweeps, rhythm guitarist Matt Drake roaring his lyrics much like the clearer James Hetfield/Warrel Dane melodies he reveres. “Nosophoros” allows Ol Drake a chance to show off his blitzkrieg machine gun fire finger solos and equally furious picking technique, certainly loving Jeff Waters and Marty Friedman while keeping things in a thrash manner.

What kills my enthusiasm for Infected Nations would be the longer, drawn out arrangements with too many mid-tempo parts that really sit in the world devoid of bite or excitement. It’s as if the second half of the album is more a collection of riffs put together with duct tape or paste rather than a seamless construct which dynamically keeps your interest from beginning to end. The worst offender would be the 11-minute-plus instrumental “Hundred Wrathful Deities,” a pitiful attempt to conjure up the classic Bay Area-meets-Metal Church instrumental sound which meanders into a boring yawn fest – the main riffs once again lifeless which makes the solo parts better off being on a Shrapnel or Inside Our offering.

Evile have ability and talent, unfortunately the songwriting for Infected Nations relegates them down a notch from many of their US compatriots.


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