ReviewsEsodic – De Facto De Jure (Self-Released)

Esodic – De Facto De Jure (Self-Released)

Distinctive elements can be key to establishing your own niche, even if it’s in well-regarded subgenres of metal such as thrash or death metal. Drummer Zed Amarin has been a part of Esodic since 2003, originally living in Jordan before immigrating to the United States and establishing a new lineup with guitarist / vocalist Michael Nolasco and bassist/ vocalist Kevin McCombs. De Facto De Jure is the second EP, a quick hitting four song effort that incorporates Middle Eastern instrumentation across a modern mix of thrash/death riffs and tempos that assaults the listener with angst, attitude, and primal force.

Presenting a lot of the political turmoil and social injustice that takes place in parts of the world where you can be thrown in jail just for having long hair, tattoos, or putting on concerts in the metal genre, it’s ideal to express those thoughts in an atmosphere that can be equally hypnotizing. The use of traditional Middle Eastern instrumentation such as the kanoon next to electric guitars, bass, and drums shapes the native musical ideas, never forsaking a raw purity that the main trio exhibit throughout the riffs and transitions. Aspects of Nile and Orphaned Land collide with Sepultura, Slayer, and Kreator right away on the opener “Consequence” – the measured screams and chunky riffs tailor-made for circular hair whipping motion. The next track “Dirge” showcases more of the slower, slithering aspect to their style – the mid-section instrumental sequence taking you to exotic landscapes while the fluid lead guitar break contains a blitzkrieg of speedy licks/taps to treasure. Zed’s impressive drum kit mastery elevates “Reign”, his ability to shift from stunted, modern progressive movements to inhuman BPM kick parts taking the song on a promising thrash/death journey to the netherworld.

The title cut concludes the proceedings in a super economic package – 13 minutes later, breath taken away, hopeful that the next recording will be a full-length. Esodic appears ready to explode based on this quick EP release – De Facto De Jure aiming to put convincing songs out for those who seek retribution against the injustices permeating the globe.

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8.5 / 10