ReviewsEngulf – Gold and Rust (Everlasting Spew)

Engulf – Gold and Rust (Everlasting Spew)

How much of an impression can a short little 3-song EP really leave? One-man band Engulf (helmed by Hal Microutsicos) does his best to imprint a masterful one on the second EP of a proposed trilogy with Gold and Rust. What it lacks in time (being only 11-minutes in length) it makes up for in big, juicy death metal riffage.

There’s not a moment in this 3-pack that the listener is left wanting save the moment it ends. One might never notice that Engulf was a solo act based solely on listening to the music alone, as it feels quite crushing. It’s modern death metal with all of it’s brutality and trimmings, but with an old school mentality for riffs and songwriting above all else. Whether racing ahead with intricate, Suffocation-esque riffing or slowing things down with some bruise-friendly grooves, the strongest weapon in Engulf’s repertoire is how Microutsicos is able to wield outright brutality while keeping things surprisingly memorable. The visceral charge of “Maul Master” is readily apparent and in your face, but the dynamics at play ensure you are constantly paying attention. The sense of brevity is also strong, with the final two cuts sticking more towards 3 minutes a pop, as one gains the appreciation for a quick burst of frenetic carnage and steamrolling riffs without the overindulgences and distractions. Gold and Rust simply charges in, makes plenty of ear-popping brutal riffs, and makes you wait for the third iteration.

Short and devilishly sweet, Engulf continue to push things in the right direction. Riff-forward and always brutal, the get-in, get-out mentality is strong here, but don’t be discouraged. Gold and Rust is worth it’s weight by chocking the timeline with an immense amount of riffing per second.

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