Enemy Inside – Seven (Rock of Angels Records)

Monday, 16th August 2021
Rating: 9/10

Enemy Inside’s debut, 2018’s Phoenix, was one that fell under this scribe’s radar for a solid year or so. But it was a great release that was firmly planted into the modern/alternative metal scene that brought in some high energy choruses and a metallic riff backbone. The band has now returned with their sophomore effort, Seven, and it’s a release that builds up on everything that worked for the band last time and intensifies it in all of the right ways.

Upbeat opener “Crystallize” starts things off on a very high note with some crunchy grooves in the verses that lead into a really soaring chorus that allows vocalist Nastassja Giulia to grab the attention with her voice rising through the synth-backed and addictive backdrop. There’s a bit of pop to digest in the mix, and something that the bouncy yet dark “Alien” utilizes whilst also digging into some much heavier riffing, even demonstrating a potent breakdown towards the track’s finale. “Break Through” shows off the more gentle side of the band, with an almost gothic touch to the atmosphere as the graceful melodies and electronic beats float alongside Giulia’s vocals. The constantly changing musical scenery is what works best for the band, dipping the musical pen into some varied territory and sounds while still retaining the modern metal build. Some other highlights include the heavy grooves within the title track, driving and gothic (read Lacuna Coil/Evanescence) vibes of “In My Blood,” and energetic and rocking “Dynamite” that captures the band at their most triumphant. The final treat though, is an unexpected yet excellently handled cover of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush,” turning the ‘90s bubble gum pop track into a more darkly gothic number that still retains the essence of the original.

Enemy Inside have a very firm grasp on what works for them and the modern metal sound in general. They can deliver a full album of cuts that easily distinguish themselves from one another and hook the listener with a consistent mix of punchy guitar riffs, addictive choruses and melodies, and gothic atmosphere. Seven should all but ensure a seat for the act alongside the genre’s strongest acts.

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